Should Men Be Using Body Wash for Their Morning Routine?

Hygiene and men—two words that, for some reason, don’t quite mix. Although many ladies believe this is so, men do have some degree of hygiene inserted within their daily routines. However, not many men know the difference between using bar soaps and body wash, nor do they feel the need to. Should men be using body wash for their morning routine? How important is hygiene to people, especially to men? These questions answered and more below.

Good Hygiene and Why Men Should Know Its Importance

Maintaining good hygiene is important to every individual as it prevents the development and spread of infections, illnesses, and bad odors. We are all taught at an early age the importance of general hygiene and thus require we all do this to make everyone’s lives better. Good hygiene brings about a positive body image to yourself and your peers. And although all children are taught this, good hygiene is required more for women as the physical aspect of this is typically more thrust into the female population than for the men. Good hygiene is all about knowing what to focus on and how to go about it. Pinpoint the troubling areas that the body has and work on it. Slowly, men of this day and age have gathered the importance of doing more than just general hygiene.

Men are creatures of habit, and because of that, their sense of hygiene isn’t as extensive as women have in their routines. Majority of men believe that for as long as they’ve showered, they’re good to go. These majority of men typically do not know the difference between a bar soap and body wash. However, many of the younger men today have realized the importance of good hygiene and have done their research thusly so.

So what exactly is the difference between a bar of soap and body wash for men?

A typical bar of soap is pretty much a solid product for hygiene that cleanses the body. Soap bars are known to be more environmentally friendly and easier to pick out from the bunch; it is also much easier to use for the dudes. Body-wash products came in as a much more recent and modern alternative to cleansing, and many men that have tried and tested it out know that the liquid counterpart is much more gentle and offers more moisturizing than the bar.

But when it all comes down to it, it really is more about preference. Today, soap bars can have as much moisturizing and exfoliating ingredients as their liquid counterparts. Research is key, especially because there are differences in everyone’s skin—just because this product works for your best buddy, it may not necessarily be so for you.

Is there a difference between regular hygiene products typically made for women than products specifically made for men?

Yes, definitely so. Men’s skin are known to be thicker because it has a fatter layer of collagen within the dermis, which is the middle layer in our skin’s three layers. Also, men’s skin tends to be much oilier than women because of hormones. This means that men’s products are made to have much stronger ingredients than regular products to really get into the skin. The ingredients don’t necessarily mean they are harsher, but the potency is much heavier to correct any issue.

So why try body wash?

As stated above, soap bars are much better when it comes to cleaning because they are made to take off all the dirt and grime that the body builds up. This also means that bars of soap have a more drying effect on the skin. They are more often than not made with sodium lauryl sulfate, which can strip away the natural oils that the body produces. Body-wash products, however, offer better moisturizing because of its consistency and is gentler on the skin, which makes it a great choice for men who have sensitive skin types. It is also important to remember that body wash is the better option when it comes to hydration since it helps leave the essential oils on the skin. Men don’t typically put on lotion, so using body wash instead can be a great way to incorporate moisturizer into the routine.

A great choice of body wash is Marlowe’s No. 103 if one would like to expand their horizons when it comes to skin care. It is made from natural ingredients like green tea, willow bark, passionflower, and deep-sea algae extracts. Green tea is known to be rich in antioxidants, which can help with cell repair and protection while willow bark is best known for its calming properties that can help soothe irritated and inflamed skin.

So again, body wash products are a great choice, especially for men with sensitive skin. Even to guys who don’t, occasionally using body wash and incorporating it into their morning routine will help the skin look and feel much better.

Men don’t really need to look much further when it comes to hygiene do’s and don’ts. There are so many mens grooming tips to improve hygiene that it’s hard to know all of them. With a wide variety of things to choose from in the market today, any man can easily find something that is suitable for them. So don’t be afraid to ask dermatologists and don’t be afraid to try. Maybe a good body wash is all you need to be on top of your game.


Should Men Be Using Body Wash for Their Morning Routine?

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