No matter how old you are you’re never too old for an Easter basket or Christmas stocking. My boys are grown and married, but I thought that they and my daughters-in-law might enjoy an Easter basket from mom and dad. Instead of using traditional baskets, I selected two containers that can be re-purposed after being emptied.

Baskets-resized 300x169

Next, I selected some grownup and some favorite childhood candies, re-wrapping a few for a more attractive uniform look.

Basket-stuffers-resized 300x169
Basket Stuffers

To help stand objects in gift baskets and add height, I often use tissue paper or newsprint. Just stuff it into the bottom of your container. Then, add a generous amount of Easter grass and arrange goodies securely, stuffing any empty spaces with more grass to keep objects from moving.

basket-with-tissue-resized 300x169
Basket with tissue
Purple-stuffings-resized 300x169
Purple stuffings

Last but not least, pick a wrap that complements the basket. I used an iridescent wrap, not my first choice, but I like the effect and think that the girls will probably like it as well. I often include a small bouquet of flowers or other objects tied up with the bow (just to make things a bit more interesting).

Peach-basket 3-169x300
Geoffrey and Rachel’s Basket
Justin's and Casey's 12jpg
Justin’s and Casey’s






Sophisticated Easter Baskets

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