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Stunning Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms can be made into one of the most relaxing rooms in the house. The design work that goes into some is just truly incredible. Bathrooms can be turned from a dark and dingy area, to a bright and inviting sanctuary and often this can be accomplished simply by installing luxurious sinks.

There’s so many different styles and types of bathrooms out there, the US in particular have some of the most grand designs. With a little bit of money, you can make yours a room to enjoy.

Stunning Bathroom Designs


This is one of the most grand designs you can get. Yes, it’s a little more on the expensive side, but it’s so eye pleasing. It would be up to you how marble you go, but definitely the tiles and accessories need to follow the scheme. If you’re going to choose to paint the walls, keep the colour matching the floor. White marble is the best looking, but black will also give a mysterious edge to it. Be careful not to go to dark however, you still need to draw in a little light. The surfaces will need to follow the scheme, a double his and hers sink set will really add that touch of luxury the marble deserves. For the ultimate luxurious finish, find a white marble toilet, and even a heated toilet seat for that extra comfort. Take a look at the one’s on sites such as Home Spa Select. Complete it with a marble built the wall that features a waterfall tap. If you’ve gone white marble, search for either a bronze or gold coloured tap. If black, go for silver! The finished product should look a little like this.

Stunning Bathroom Designs

The Shower

Everyone loves a good shower. After a long sweaty summer’s day, there’s nothing better than jumping in the shower that’s of a lukewarm temperature to cool you down. Statistically, people spend longer in the shower than they do in the bath. So make it the main event of the bathroom. Walk in showers can made to be absolutely stunning. They will take up a lot of space, but it’ll be worth it. Darker colours suit a walk in more. Look to go grey, dark grey or a dark brown. Something that can be made to look awesome is a wood look. Couple that with a ledge in the shower and you have yourself your own little steam room. Again, make sure the rest of the bathroom follows the theme. A good walk in shower should look like this.

Stunning Bathroom Designs

The Bath

Some of you read the above paragraph and thought, but i’m a bath person! Well, make the bath the main event then. There are so many luxurious baths, it’s up to you which route you take. For example, there’s the standard longline baths, make it marble and it’ll be stunning. There’s the really deep old style baths, these are of the best of pure relaxation. Source a copper tall tap and you’ll have an old fashioned, yet new aged beauty. Hot tub baths are the best if your aim is luxury. They’re so easy to find, and so easy to lose your thoughts in.


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