Super Fun Ideas For Your Next Barbecue

Are you excitedly planning your next barbecue? It might not be the right time of year just yet, but if you start planning now, your next barbecue will be the talk of the entire neighborhood for months to come! There’s nothing wrong with a little foresight, so take a look at the super fun ideas below and see what you can use. 

Super Fun Ideas For Your Next Barbecue

Decorate Like You Mean It

Gather your decorations so you can make your garden look amazing. Whether you’re going to be throwing a celebration for the 4th of July or simply the first warm day of the year, being prepared helps. Bunting looks great, but there are all kinds of fun decorations that you can incorporate. You could even make your own! 

Set Up Food Stations 

Have food stations set up so that people can grab their own bits and pieces and create the sort of meal they want. Have salad bowls, plates for your meat, and even vegetarian options. Choice is one of the best things about a barbecue, so make sure there’s plenty of it. 

Serve Fun Beverages

Give people the option to drink some fun and fruity drinks, too. You could serve drinks with all of the trimmings, and even drinkable glitter if you want to go all out! If you like, you could even have a separate station so people can create their own drinks and cocktails – although this could get messy. Make sure you have non alcoholic options for kids and those who don’t wish to drink, too! 

Have Some Outdoor Games Ready

Outdoor games aren’t just for kids. Make sure you have options for guests of all ages. Outdoor twister, archery, swing-ball, shooting game with a Gel Blaster and even obstacle courses could all be a lot of fun. Just make sure you see to your sprinkler repair sooner rather than later so your garden looks great and you don’t experience any issues while you’re all supposed to be having fun.  

Have Your Beer In A Wheelbarrow

If you love the rustic look, set about creating it by using old crates and homemade bunting. Something that always looks really cool? A wheelbarrow filled with ice and beer! Your beer will stay nice and cool and it’ll make a nice rustic accessory that will get people talking about your creativity. It might not be an expensive, fancy ice box, but it’ll do the job! 

Invest In A Fire Pit

A fire pit is always a great investment. It can keep your guests warm and cozy all through the night, allowing you to continue your get together in spite of the cold and drafts. You may not even have to wait for summer if you buy one of these bad boys! Listening to the fire is always nice, too, and could be a relaxing way for you to enjoy your garden when you don’t have any guests. 

What will you do for your next big barbecue? Leave your thoughts and ideas below! 



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  • I love having a barbeque party at home. We always made sure to make it fun by adding more fun and this post really helps.


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