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  1. I’ve only felt the Humid heat of the eastern south but it is pretty awful sometimes. Heavy and hard to breathe but them I was meant for colder climates (at least thats what I believe).

  2. only been to the nude beach once in Nantucket Island MA. but trust me, you definitely don’t want to be scared LOLL but the helicopter ride was fun 🙂

  3. I’ve only been out West once, but I think I prefer their dry heat to the humid heat we have here in the South.

  4. Where is your favorite resort or beach? This one is hard for me. Love Cathy’s in St. Choir, but would love to go back to Aruba it would be so different now.

  5. Our favorite place to travel is by taking a cruises to St. Thomas and other Islands. Its so relaxing.

  6. I prefer the humid heat of the south because I live in the south and it’s what I am accustom to. I’m sure the dry heat of the west is better though.

  7. My favorite beach? One I haven’t been to yet! I love traveling, and checking out new beaches is a favorite. There’s a Hawaii trip in the works an I am so excited!

  8. My favorite summer activity is going swimming at the beach. I love swimming in the ocean and jumping the waves. I grew up near the ocean and it brings back so many great memories when i go.

  9. What is your favorite Summer Activity? I love an evening cook-out, right after the sun goes down and before it gets too dark…another favorite summer activity

  10. I have answered all the questions posted so now I am repeating the questions and making up new questions to answer.

    favorite state? I love Florida because there are so much to see and do especially with younger children.

    favorite summer food? I love to eat lots of fruit salad especially ones with watermelons and dew melons.

  11. ive never been to a resort. only beaches ive been to are Rockaway beach, jones beach and coney island beach.
    i would love to go to a beach in hawaii or maybe bahamas or one of those wonderful beaches/resorts.

  12. Our favorite summer activity is attending all of the free and almost-free festivals and events in our city – Art in the Park (theater, dance, etc.), – just this past weekend, we rode a free trolley from our side of the city to University Circle for a parade and festival, then rode the trolley back for another festival on our side of town!

  13. My favorite state to travel to in the summer would be California. I love the beach. I must have been a mermaid in my past life. 😛

  14. my favorite would have to be in the cape cod area in MA. i love going there ‘ i find it so relaxing and so many wonderful sites to see

  15. I have answered all the questions so now I will give my next favorites. My second favorite place to travel to in the summer would be Florida. I like that you can go to the beach if you want but really theres so much to do there. I’ve always wanted to try the glass boat rides.

  16. we really have not ever been to the BEACH but i was down in Hilton Head South Carolina one year and that was gorgeous..its really the only ocean beach i have ever been too my family have been to local beaches but nothing major/ I would still swim in a pool or a local rec center!

  17. my favorite summer thing to do was gold panning but gas prices went up and then we lost are car so now don’t get to go not that I’m so post to be out in the sun because I’m on med’s that say not to.

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