Top 5 Reading Pillows Reading in Bed

The Best of 2020: Top 5 Reading Pillows Reviewed

If you are like a lot of people, you probably enjoy sitting up in bed reading or watching television. The only trouble with this is getting comfortable. How many times has everyone tried to prop themselves up on a headboard or even tried to arrange pillows in such a way as they become comfortable, more or less. Unfortunately, the only way to describe your comfort level with this kind of arrangement is, well, more or less. There is a solution.

Now, there’s a way to not only sit up in bed and enjoy your favorite book or television show and be totally comfortable. It’s called a reading pillow, and even though the idea has been around for years, they get better and better, as makers become more creative with every new product. Check out the options at Husband Pillow, then read the review below. Your level of comfort has never had it so good.

Top 5 Reading Pillows


This one might not be the fanciest reading pillow on the market today, but with all of its pluses, it’s a good one to start with and compare the offerings of others. First off, this one is built well with lots of filling all over it, especially in the Lombard region of your back, for maximum comfort. This allows you to sit up and read or watch television without forcing your back into an odd position and ending up sore. The mittaGonG is sturdy and won’t lean over as you sit for prolonged periods of time. It’s also got a nice side pocket where you can stash your book, television schedule, remote, or anything else.

Husband Pillow

Isn’t it nice to go to bed with something warm that puts its arms around you? That’s the idea of the Husband Pillow, where comfort meets modern engineering. To purchase a Husband Pillow the owner first selects the size that fits them best, whether medium or XXL. Next the stuffing is chosen, either fiber fill or memory foam. Next is when it gets really fun, choosing the amount of fill you want, whether the normal amount of “oomph” or extra. Now it’s your choice of 16 different covers. You can even choose a selection of reversible covers. By the time you’re done, you will own one of the most comfortable, personalized reading pillows you have ever owned.


The Milliard is another comfortable pillow that comes in three sizes, but only one color, metallic gray. This is a nice pillow, but there’s really nothing fancy about. It’s a good pillow, but very basic.

Brentwood Home

The Brentwood Home isn’t what most people would consider a reading pillow, but if someone really doesn’t need a full pillow, but just something to relax on, this one might be perfect. The Brentwood Home is really just a wedge, although it’s a comfortable wedge. It can be laid flat or set up, which would allow the user to sit upright, although that’s about it. If this is someone’s idea of comfort, this would be great. It comes with a zip-around cover, but don’t try to put this one into the washing machine. It’s too big.

Keen Edge Home

The Keen Edge Home is really coming full circle from where this article came from. It’s nice and comfortable, plump where it should be, and with plenty of support, Unlike the Husband Pillow, for example, there’s nothing adjustable about it.

Every avid reader dreams of having the perfect pillow. It must be nice and soft, and able to give you some movement to avoid cramps and other annoyances. This list will get yon started on your hunt so as not to detract from your page-turner.

The Best of 2020: Top 5 Reading Pillows Reviewed

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