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Do you like surfing? Do you like to wear smart and sexy watches? Have you heard about surfing watches? Are you looking to buy the best surfing watches? If your answer to all those questions is a very big “YES,” then you are in the right place.

For many adding figures on things is extremely helpful, particularly if trying to improvise any said thing, for example- surfing. What’s the top speed? How far have you surfed? How fast your heart was beating while surfing? Millions of watches and apps are there, which can be helpful.

Since plenty is there, many good ones easily get lost in the sea of similar kinds of products.

So, here are the best surfing watches you will find in the market that you should consider buying. Let’s have a look at those.

Garmin Fenix 3 HR surf watch-

This surf watch is the most sold premium surf watch. Though it is bulky, it has commendable battery life, and it remains waterproof at 100M underwater.

This is readily compatible with Apple and Android platforms. It delivers all notifications to your device. Its GPS is the most truthful in the market, while its heart rate monitor and activity trackers are superlative.

With 218/218 colored digital display and 5 buttons, and remarkable UI, it proves itself to be ultimately a user-friendlier surf watch. Aside from its durability, its aesthetic is exceptional, and the silicone band is comfortable.

When you shop for this product, you will get a 1-year warranty and instruction manual.


  • Very good battery life
  • Remarkable display
  • User-friendlier
  • High precision GPS
  • Water resistance

Nixon Siren A 1210 Surf watch for women-

 Best Surfing Watches Surfer in a Curl

Female surfers would love buying this watch because of its performance and touch. This watch is available in 5 attractive, feminine shades. It’s the budget friendlier option.

It is having 28mm small watch faces and flaunts a low profile that is impressing ladies. 550 tide/beach locations are pre-programmed and thus making it counted as a universal surfer watch.

It is constructed with polycarbonate, and a stainless back cover keeps it watertight even when under the water in the deepness of 100m. It is also featured with a negative digital display, which is visible underwater, and a backlight for visibility during nighttime.


  • 550 pre-loaded tide/beach locations
  • Small-sized construction
  • Stainless steel back cover
  • 5 attractive color choices are available
  • Negative digital display

Casio MDV 106-1 AV Duro analogy surf watch-

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This is another impressive surf watch from Casio. It’s the analogy type. Nowadays, this product is high in demand, and it has received many favorable reviews.

This option is classic and comfy. It is highly waterproof. A surfer can wear and get into the water to the deepness of 200m.

There are several color straps available, and they make sure to fit comfortably on your wrist. Impressively this watch glow allows users to read easily at all times.


  • Fist cozily
  • Multiple strap choices are available.
  • Glowing analog hands
  • Resistance to water under deepness of 200m

Casio men G-shock frogman surf watch-

The primary feature of this surf watch is its massive 200m water resistance. This watch is completely waterproof. It has tough construction.

This watch is equipped with long-lasting solar batteries, which are recharged through the tiny solar panel.

This watch features a thermometer, compass, alarms, stopwatch, backlighting, and battery indicator.

It is a user-friendlier option to buy, and a user must be able to program their location to keep up with tides.


  • Long-lasting power source
  • Tough construction
  • Resistance to water under 200m
  • Featuring alarms, time, auto-calendar, stopwatch

Rip Curl Search GPS 2 surf watch-

Best Surfing Watches Digital Device

From sunrise to sunset to moon time, it itself posses to be the best digital surging watch in the market. It is coupled with 1400 pre-programmed tide/beach location; you can surf almost anywhere on the earth.

It parades low profile design, great display, comfy polyurethane band, and excellent aesthetics.

It is tough enough to remain in the water to a deepness of 100m.

This watch comes with wireless connectivity and GPS to pair up the RIP curl app on PC and phone for further functionalities. With this, you can comfortably keep track of your surfing sessions.


  • Stylish
  • Excellent display
  • Available in many colors
  • 14—pre-programmed tide/beach locations
  • Comfortable polyurethane band

How should one choose the right surf watch?

Best Surfing Watches Surfer on White Surfboard

Many surf watches are available, and you don’t want to shop for a bad replacement. If you’re buying for the first time, you must be careful while making a decision.

Indeed, every watch cannot satisfy the needs. Your budget also plays an important role in choice-making.

Watches are with many robust features, or from the best brands are expensive. Apart from the budget, size, and features, and criteria must be considered. Let’s start with it.

Size & comfort-

You should go for a strap that is easy to adjust and would stay comfortably. Don’t feel uncomfortable throughout the day.

Loose straps may cause to wriggle around, and tight ones may cause marks and discomforts. The watch face can influence the watch display.

Bigger watch faces habitually come with a bolder display, which is readable, contrasting the smaller ones. Make sure that the watch face isn’t bulky for you and the strap fits very well.


Surf watches are constructed using different materials like stainless steel, aluminum, polycarbonate, and titanium. This can contribute to the weight of it.

The straps can be made using rubber, silicone, polyurethane. Some materials may irritate and cause friction, while some may have a short life length.

Fabric straps aren’t water-resistant and require drying after surfing to prevent mold and foul smell. For whichever material you go, it must be comfortable for you even wearing for long.

The lens of the watch may either be made from plastic or glass. Some lenses are resistant to scratch, while some are shatter-resistance.


You can consider many more aspects while picking up the best surfing watches like- water resistance, battery life, color, warranty, etc. After doing the research, the best to buy options are listed above. You can shop for one that fits your needs and your budget.




The Best Surfing Watches You Can Shop (Best Recommendations)

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