The Chimp Who Loved Me 

by Annie Greer & Tim Vendehey

(From the Publisher)

The Chimp Who Loved Me is a collection of true stories 
from the life and times of Annie Greer, a veterinary chiropractitioner, animal healer, radio host, 
speaker, farmer’s wife and all-around magnet 
for bizarre animal behavior.  
When Annie and Tim Vandehey, a professional writer, 
met in 2006 and began talking about Annie’s endless 
trove of strange and pants-wettingly funny tales 
about drill sergeant sheep and insane veterinary 
clinic customers, a book was born.
Infused with Annie’s trademark dry English wit and Tim’s storytelling panache, The Chimp Who Loved Me,
is a sort of twisted love child of Dave Barry, 
David Sedaris and James Herriot of
All Things Bright and Beautiful fame.  
If you’re sick of the treacly sweetness of animal books like  
Marley and Me or Dewey and crave twisted tales 
of sex, poop, pee and death, where apes throw 
donuts at chefs during dinner parties 
and stoned veterinary students dispense bizarre advice 
to puzzled dog show contestants, 
then you won’t be able to put  
The Chimp Who Loved Me down…
until it hits you in the nose because you’re 
reading in bed, silly
About the Authors:
Annie Greer is a certified veterinary chiropractioner, 
radio host, animal behaviorist, farmer’s wife 
and AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator who, 
with her veterinarian husband, Kent, 
runs three animal clinics and a 40-acre farm
in Apopka, Florida.
Tim Vandehey is a journalist, ghostwriter and book 
collaborator who has written more than 35 books 
since 2004 in the sports, self-help, memoir, spiritual, 
financial, business, and healthcare genres.  
His recent published co-authored works include  
(with Jim Cole, St. Martin’s Press, 2010),  
Running on Faith 
(with Jason Lester, HarperOne, 2010),  
Produced by Faith 
(with DeVon Franklin, Simon & Schuster, 2011), 
and I’m Here to Win! 
 (with Chris McCormack, Center Street, 2011).  
Tim lives on Bainbridge Island, Washington, 
with his wife and two daughters.
The Chimp Who Loved Me is Tim and Annie’s latest hilarious endeavor.
You can visit their website at
My Review: 

I was really excited when given the opportunit

to participate in this tour…
after all, I need to plug the people,
from my neck of the woods!
Apopka, is just a hop skip and a jump
from my old stomping grounds.
Throw in the fact that I’m an animal NUT,
and you have the perfect scenario.

To be honest…I was a little disappointed .
Wonderful, exciting, adorable, hilarious, and sometimes
heart pounding stories, were dampened for
me, by the ongoing raunchy language. Language
that did absolutely nothing to enhance the writing.

Ok – so many of you might think that I should have 
the word prude stamped on my forehead, 
but geesh, do most people really talk using 
4-letter words as staples in their conversations?

Still, I would love to meet Annie Greer,
and her husband.  I would love to see them
in action.  Tour the grounds of their farm and 
be a fly on the wall at their clinics.
I would like to see her in action… giving relief
to suffering animals, putting dogs and their owners
through the paces during their CGC evaluations,
and just plain loving the animals that surround her.

I would like to talk with Tim Vandehey, 
in a quiet room, and hear about,
the people behind the stories that
he helps to write.

Take out the offensive (to me) words, and I give 
The Chimp Who Loved Me
a whopping 11 on a scale of 10.

I have a material connection because I received a review copy 

(book, CD, software, etc.), or an item of nominal value that 
I can keep for consideration in preparing to write this content.
The Chimp Who Loved Me – Tour / Review

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