The Different Type of Chairs for Outdoor Activities

As the weather begins to warm up and the rays of sunshine come barreling through the sky, folks everywhere are starting to give more thought to the upcoming outdoor activities that they will soon be enjoying with their family and friends. But the next question is; what exactly will you be doing? And maybe more importantly, what types of accessories will you need to do it?

Outdoor activities can mean anything from a relaxing day in the hammock in your backyard to hiking a mountain or water skiing. With such a broad choice of things to do, making sure that you bring the right equipment along is crucial. Specifically, we are talking about the various types of outdoor chairs and which ones might be right for your plans.

The Different Type of Chairs for Outdoor Activities

Plastic Patio Furniture

This is the most basic and probably cheapest option on our list. This type of seating is best left on your property at home. They don’t fold or break down, they only stack. So, to take them with you to the beach or camping would take up a lot of unnecessary space in your vehicle.

Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are much more suited for most of the activities that you would actually leave your house for. Obviously, the beach is the ideal spot to take one of these. However, they are also great for a number of other events that take place outdoors. Open-venue concerts and festival fairgrounds are just two examples.


This is a fun way to create a seating area without taking up a lot of space whether in your vehicle or at your destination. If you have a tree or any other type of stable structure you can hand a swing on it for a fun and easy place to relax. This is great for trips to the woods or mountains.

Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are a very basic and inexpensive option for people who want something that is easy to carry, transport, and set up. When it comes to simple, these chairs fit the description. Although they don’t have many accessories other than a cup-holder, if all you need is a comfortable place to sit, they will work just fine.

Backpack Chairs

Backpack chairs are basically the survivalist version of folding chairs. While they usually break down and set up the same way as folding chairs do, that’s about all they have in common.

Backpack chairs are aptly named due to their tremendous amount of storage space, compartments, and places to hold or keep various items. Many of these chairs come with a backpack attached to the backrest. This is great for people who need to have a lot of stuff with them at all times.

Canopy Chairs

Canopy chairs can be great, depending on the specific activity you take them on. Although they don’t have a ton of storage like most backpack chairs, they do have the best shade/cover options available. On the low end, you can get something that has a larger umbrella or other covers to hide the sun from the occupant. If you want to go a little higher end, you can get the entire chair surrounded by netting.

Inflatable Chairs

The last option on our list is just for kicks. Inflatable furniture is lightweight and takes up very little space when traveling. It’s great for kids and even smaller adults. But these kinds of chairs are very flimsy and easy to puncture. They are best suited for home pool areas and possibly the beach.

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