The Willow Store – Wool Dryer Balls

I recently received a package 
I’ve been a dryer ball user
for years, so I was excited to be
able to have the chance to try these
natural wool felted alternatives,
to the clunky plastic ones.
I’ll tell you right now…I will never go back!
These dryer balls are fantastic.  They are light
weight, cut drying time even more than
the plastic dryer balls,
they are so much quieter!
At $19.95 for the 3-pack,
they don’t cost any more than
the plastic ones, and I have to think
that they are so much better for your 
clothes and for your dryer.
They are about the size of a tennis ball,
but much lighter and softer.

I’m not sure how they soften clothes,
but I do know that they cut drying time, 
by separating clothing and allowing for 
better circulation in the dryer.
They are handmade in the US,
which is another plus for me.

I’m not a fanatic about being “greener”
but I do try to lighten my footprint.
Recycling, reducing, and re-using/re-purposing
have become a standard in my house…
and if I can support American made
at the same time – GREAT!

also carries natural and organic

and soap nuts.

If you are looking for a greener
more natural solution to doing laundry,
taking care of feminine needs, and diapering,
go take a look around The Willow Store.
Made in the USA, reasonable prices,
and a very good selection of products.

Thank you Willow Store.

The Willow Store – Wool Dryer Balls

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