From the Publisher: Ever wonder why some people seem blessed with success? In fact, everyone is capable of winning in life—you just need to develop the right brain for it. In The Winner’s Brain, Drs. Jeffrey Brown and Mark J. Fenske use cutting-edge neuroscience to identify the secrets of those who succeed no matter what—and demonstrate how little it has to do with IQ or upbringing. Through simple everyday practices, Brown and Fenske explain how to unlock the brain’s hidden potential, using: Balance: Make emotions work in your favorBounce: Create a failure-resistant brainOpportunity Radar: Spot hot prospects previously hidden by problemsFocus Laser: Lock into what’s importantEffort Accelerator: Cultivate the drive to winAlong the way, meet dozens of interesting people who possess “win factors” (like the inventor of Whac-A-Mole™) and glean fascinating information (like why you should never take a test while wearing red). Compulsively readable, The Winner’s Brain will not only give you an edge, but also motivate you to pursue your biggest dreams.

About the Authors:


picture of Jeff Brown JEFF BROWN, PsyD, ABPP, is a board-certified cognitive-behavioral
psychologist on faculty at Harvard Medical School and a Clinical Associate
at McLean Hospital. He is the author of The Competitive Edge. He lives
and practices in Boston.
picture of Mark Fenske MARK FENSKE, PhD, a neuroscientist and former faculty member at
Harvard Medical School, is an Assistant Professor in Psychology at the
University of Guelph. His research combines neuroimaging and studies
of behavior to examine how the brain’s attention and emotion systems
can enhance performance. He lives in Guelph, Ontario.
  LIZ NEPORENT is author of several best-selling health titles, and contributes
to dozens of national publications. She lives in New York.

My Review: Fantastic and Intriguing Read.  Written for the average reader…nothing like a medical textbook. Eight Chapters broken into 2 parts; Understnading the Winner’s Brain, and Developing Your Winner’s Brain. I really enjoyed this one.


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