Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations during the year. It is the time when you meet with the people you love and share a nice dinner. You feel grateful for all the blessings you have received, and for that special moment when you gather once again to celebrate life.

You usually have the dinner at home with excellent home-cooked meals by a family member hosting Thanksgiving for that year. Although it is a special moment, it can quickly go the other way because of the stress it could bring.

Preparing the meal is never easy given that there are a lot of people to feed. Turkey, the main dish of the dinner table, is also not easy to prepare since it is not the type of meat you usually eat. You also have lots of other dishes to cook, not only for dinner but for the following days when the family is still with you.

Given the stress that the celebration could bring, it won’t be a bad idea for you to decide to eat out instead. If you live in New York, you can find Upper West Side restaurants in NYC that are worth dining at during Thanksgiving.

Making reservations

You need to ask the restaurant first if they are open during Thanksgiving. Several restaurants close during this holiday since their entire staff is away to celebrate the event with their families. If you call the restaurant and they tell you they are open, you need to reserve a table immediately. They might receive only a few people for the night due to their limited staff. They might also serve special Thanksgiving dishes.

Family bonding is important

You don’t meet with your family during Thanksgiving because you want to have a nice home-cooked meal. Although it is important to eat together during the dinner, it does not have to be at home. When you dine in a restaurant, you will sit upon your arrival, make your order, and wait for the restaurant to serve you the food. When you finish eating, you can pay and leave the restaurant.

You have nothing to think about since there are no dishes to prepare or plates to wash after eating.

Besides, your goal is to bond as a family, and feel grateful for the year. It does not matter where you are when you say your graces. As long as you are together as a family, it is good enough.

No one will judge you

Don’t fear that your family members will judge you for not preparing a home-cooked meal even if you are the host. They can complain about whatever they want, but when they have a taste of the dishes made by the restaurant, they will forget home-cooked meals. Besides, if you are not that good at cooking, your family might even be thankful you decided to eat out.

Thanksgiving only comes once a year, and after this celebration, everyone goes back to their regular lives. You need to make it unique, and there are several ways to make it unforgettable.


There is Nothing Wrong with Eating Out During Thanksgiving

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