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I’m doing my taxes – ugh!
Wish I had this earlier – it would have made things so much easier.
Yes – this is a shameless plug for my:

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Tiffany has lots of other organizational editable documents, so even if you aren’t interested my set, I’ll be she has something that you do need. From $3.50 – $75(gets you EVERY SINGLE DOCUMENT AVAILABE:-) Please check out The Nest Effect Etsy Store and The Nest Effect Blog. She’s a fantastict organizer, and shares lots a great ideas, free tips and downloads, and now and then, has some pretty darn good giveaways!  If you think of it – tell her that Libby’s Library sent you.

Next on today’s agenda.  I noticed that some very sweet young ladies have started a Facebook Page called Race for a Cure. They have made some very pretty bracelets, earrings and necklaces that they have up for sale.  They are even offering to make custom pieces.  Most items are priced at $5, $8, and $10.  I just bought 2 bracelets, and want a couple of custom pieces.  Won’t you help these girls out, and go take a look around.  Their goal is to raise $1,000.  Head on over to Race for a Cure, and let these girls know that you support their efforts, and applaud their hard work and ingenuity!

Here is what I just got:

$10.00 for 2 Bracelets…and all for a great cause.  What could be better than that?  Well, I’m donating the bracelets to one of m favorite non-profits. They will go into a raffle, to raise money for scholarships. *And what I love about this group, is that a lot of the scholarships go to students who are part of a “middle class” family.  Households  that make too much money to qualify for a lot of other scholarship programs, but don’t make enough money to be able to pay for tuition and fees.  Yep – Families like most of us, who work hard, pay our bills, and our taxes.

PLEASE OH PLEASE – don’t leave me nasty comments, about poor people needing and deserving “help”.
I have no problems with
giving where there is a true need.  I just don’t believe in continuous handouts, to those who are able to support themselves. We have become a Nation of Hand Outs, when we should be a Nation of Hands UP.  Lifting citizens out of the mode of perpetual assistance, and into the mode of being able to support themselves, or in needing less.  Okay – I’m stepping off of my soapbox now.

Okie Doki – I wanted to let you know that there will be a number of giveaways this week…starting later today.  I’ve got some books, a VeggieTales DVD, and few other things tucked up under my sleeves, so stay tuned.

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