Three Savvy Interior Design Tips For Appealing Holiday Rentals

Whether you have a passion for interior design or you’re a beginner when it comes to DIY and home decorating, getting a guest suite or a second property ready to rent out to holidaymakers can be both rewarding and daunting. These tips will help you create an appealing space for your guests, generate repeat business and make a profit.

Three Savvy Interior Design Tips For Appealing Holiday Rentals

Personalize (But Not Too Much)

When you’re decorating a holiday rental, it’s important to strike a balance between a clinical, anonymous feel and an aesthetic that is too personal. One the one hand, your guests will appreciate it if you personalize the room just a little, so that they get a sense of who you are as a host. On the other hand, it’s wise to avoid alienating visitors by asserting your personality too strongly. You want to avoid the space feeling anonymous like a hotel but stop adding personal touches before your guests get the sense that they are staying with you in your own home. The key to achieving this is starting small, with light touches here and there. For example, farmhouse stencils offer endless possibilities for personalizing furniture and other items in a subtle, stylish yet unobtrusive way.

Holiday Touches

When you’re decorating a room or cottage for guests, you may feel the temptation to make the space look like a room in your own home. (Your home looks the way it does because you like it, right?) But it’s important to bear in mind that your visitors will be in holiday mode when they come to stay, so the ideal holiday rental décor will reflect this mood. Decorating the space is a great opportunity to give your visitors a much-needed break from their normal lives back home. Small touches make a world of difference. Install ceiling fans for a tropical feel, or go for something coastal inspired and beachy.

Three Savvy Interior Design Tips For Appealing Holiday Rentals

Go Bold And Trendy

If you love to stay on top of décor trends, holiday accommodation is a great place to experiment with things you’d like to try out, like sponged walls or metallics. While you may resist a bold statement such as a striking feature wall or trendy sofa in your own home so as not to get tired of your décor too quickly, holiday accommodation is the ideal spot for taking bold risks with décor, as your visitors will love the novelty for the duration of their short stay. You might find that your guests comment on the décor when they arrive, expressing surprise and pleasure at the originality, or you could leave a visitors book for them to add feedback. Many guests become return customers for the simple reason that they love to come back to a place that stood out for them, décor wise.

If you love interior design, having a holiday cottage to decorate can feel like Christmas, especially if you love trying out new trends.

But it can be daunting, especially if you’re depending on making a profit. These tips will guide you as you get set up.

Three Savvy Interior Design Tips For Appealing Holiday Rentals

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