Top 3 Most Stressful Things About Owning A House

Being a homeowner is usually on everyone’s bucket list. It’s something you all want to achieve at some stage in your life – there’s a great sense of achievement when you own your own home! It presents lots of massive advantages, though there are a few things that cause lots of stress. Today’s post is a bit of fun where we look at the top stressors for homeowners to deal with. I’ve pinpointed three main things that will cause lots of annoyance, but feel free to let me know if you have any additional suggestions!

Top 3 Most Stressful Things About Owning A House

Moving into your house

Thankfully, this is something you need only experience once. Moving all of your belongings into your house is a pain in the backside. When you rent a home, you don’t appreciate how much is already taken care of. In some cases, your property is already furnished and comes with all the kitchen utensils, etc. Moving from one flat to the next can be a case of packing up your clothes and leaving. 

Moving into your own property is vastly different. Firstly, it’s completely empty, so you have the stress of buying things for it. Then, you basically have to pack your entire life into boxes and move it into your house. Luckily, companies like Leon Moving LLC exist to help you do all the heavy lifting and moving. Still, you’ve got to unpack everything, organize your house – it’s a massive pain. It can take months before you’ve finally settled in!

Constant maintenance

Owning a house means you have to maintain it all by yourself. Again, when you rent, you don’t have to deal with this. Of course, you should clean as regularly as can be, but what about the other maintenance tasks? Your landlord arranges meter readings, boiler servicing, etc. Now, all of that falls on your shoulders. You’re in charge of ensuring that everything in your house is adequately maintained. It’s an ongoing task, which is why it’s so stressful. 

Being responsible for the house

The most significant change is that you suddenly become responsible for your property. If there are structural issues with a rental, it falls on the landlord to deal with it. If the dishwasher breaks down, they cover the cost of replacements. When you own the house, all of this is your responsibility. You have to pay for all the repairs and are responsible for everything that happens. Let’s say there’s a snowstorm that leaks into your attic and causes water damage. In a rental, this is covered by your landlord, and you don’t have to pay a penny. In your own house, you can fork out thousands on repairs!

For me, these are the most stressful elements of owning a house. I’m glad that moving into a home is a one-off. Well, unless you move into a different place at a later date! Still, the other two issues will be a staple of your life that you learn to deal with. I find them very stressful, and I’m interested to know if you agree with me.


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  • We rent a house and do most of the upkeep. I can see where owning one would be worse.


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