Top Quarantine Hair Dos and Don’ts

A combination of boredom and frustration about being unable to see their stylists during quarantine is leading many people to take their hair into their own hands. Whereas there are some things you can attempt, it’s important not to get carried away. The last thing you want is to leave quarantine with a mess atop your head!

Top Quarantine Hair Dos and Don’ts

Don’t: Give Yourself a Full Haircut

If your hair is now much longer than you’re used to, it may be more difficult to maintain. You may even envision having a particular style – but imagining is completely different to achieving. Bear in mind that your stylist studied, trained, and practiced for many hours before even coming near your hair. Not to mention, it’s far more difficult to cut your own hair than someone else’s.

Worse, if you use inappropriate equipment, you’ll definitely do some damage to your hair. Scissors for hair are totally different from the ones you have in your kitchen: they’re specially designed to protect ends and stop splitting. As kitchen scissors aren’t as sharp, it will be impossible to cut every hair to the same length. This results in an uneven appearance. If you do decide to cut your own hair, you’ll be glad you can’t go outside.

Do: Fix Up Your Bangs

Brunette woman with bangs - Top Quarantine Hair Dos and Don’ts

One exception to the above is bangs. Too-long bangs are uncomfortable; they hang into your eyes and make it difficult to see. If you want to keep your bangs during quarantine, invest in some hair-cutting scissors and do the job well. You can check out a reputable company like for a quality pair of scissors.  

Many people fail at cutting bangs because they pull the hair down and then cut. This ends up creating very short bangs, as the hair bounces back up when you stop pulling it. A better method is to allow the hair to lie across your forehead. Then, cut using the point cutting technique – check some videos to see how this differs from a straight cut.

Don’t: Dye Your Hair

This rule applies to those who usually receive a color at the salon. If you usually dye your own hair, you’re experienced enough to continue. However, if you always receive a professional service, dying your hair yourself with a drugstore product is going to cause problems for your colorist later. If you need to hide the roots, a better option than dying is a concealer spray or powder.

Don’t: Bleach Your Hair

No Bleach Symbol - Top Quarantine Hair Dos and Don’ts

Bleaching your hair is even more risky than dying it. With dying, the worst that can happen is some slight damage. With bleach, you could chemically burn your scalp or cause pieces of hair to break off. Plus, it’s even harder to gain the results you want with bleaching your hair than dying. Your untrained eye may mean you end up with a completely different tone than what you wanted.

Don’t: Use Chemical Straighteners

Like bleach, chemical straighteners can cause serious damage. In fact, you should just leave all chemicals alone and wait until you’re back at the salon.

Do: Treat Your Extensions

That’s quite a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing and only one “do.” What else can you do with your hair in quarantine?

One important thing you should do is treat your real clip-in hair extensions from Cliphair UK. One important thing you should do is treat your hair extensions. Take them out, give them a wash, and condition them. If they’re looking a little lackluster, also consider using some toner – although you should try it on a single piece first to ensure you like the results.

To add even more moisture, it’s worthwhile using a hair mask every week. Plus, you can add hair oil to strengthen the ends, leaving the oil in for between 20 and 30 minutes. Just make sure you only use products designed for hair extensions to avoid stripping the hair of its natural oils. All this will help your extensions last longer and allow you to continue using them after lock-down.

Treat Your Hair Right During Quarantine

Depending on how long you’re stuck in quarantine as well as the length and style of your hair, you may be in desperate need of a haircut when you finally get into the salon. Avoiding all the above “don’ts” will make life much easier for your stylist. He or she won’t need to fix your errors and you won’t end up losing too much length.

Plus, when you take good care of your hair and extensions, there’s no damage to repair. Your stylist can focus on returning your hair to its former glory — and this may only take a single appointment!


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