TwirlyGirl – Is Just That!

TwirlyGirl, is just that…TWIRLY!

Twirly Girl LogoI received a dress from TwirlyGirl, for my granddaughter.  She LOVES it…only a little too much! We can’t get her to take it off. She loves the feeling of the material, and oh how she LOVES to twirl around in her TwirlyGirl kids party dress. Wouldn’t the girl in your life love kids dresses for parties such as this one!

Twirlly Girl Collage 3
My granddaughter wearing her dress from TwirlyGirl.

She sleeps in this dress…she runs around the house in this dress…she LIVES in this kids party dress. She loves that it’s so soft, and that it twirls when she spins.  She wants to wear it to school (they wear uniforms here), she wants to play in this dress, she wants to wear this dress to church.  I told you she loves this dress.

Kid party dresses should be well made, and the one received is.  They don’t need to be hard to keep clean and this one isn’t, as it goes right into the washing machine.  As many times as we’ve laundered it over the last couple of weeks, it looks the same as it did the day that it arrived.

I let her peruse the TwirlyGirl website, and she was head over heals for the kids dresses for parties that they offer.  I bet the little girl in your life will too.  Let them take the girls personality quiz and read the stories for kids.  Adults can find out how the special little lady in their life, can design their very own dress for that extra special occasion. A one of a kind dress that will make them the belle of the ball.

Twirly Girl Collage 2
Our beautiful dress from TwirlyGirl arrived adorably “packaged”.

Dresses for our girls can be very expensive, and they are often scratchy and have to be dry cleaned.  TwirlyGirl dresses are machine washable and any of the tops are lined, so no itchy seems. TwirlyGirl clothing come in size 12 months through size 14.  They create limited numbers of each piece, and you are informed of exactly how many of each are made.  For this reason, you can be assured that you have not only a beautiful dress, but a unique one! They call their items Wearable Art, but I call them just plain gorgeous.

Oh, I want to tell you that TwirlyGirl isn’t just about dresses.  They offer skirts, tops, bottoms and most lovely accessories…adorable reversible doll dresses and back packs for school and other outings.  All made with the same cuteness factor as their clothing line.

I had a good time looking at all the TwirlyGirl dresses, skirts and shirts.  Dresses and skirts come in several lengths, and tops sport long, short and cap sleeves as well as sleeveless styles. Many of the dresses and skirts are reversible, so you get two outfits in one. Mix and match with bottoms of different varieties, such as capris, long leggings, along with just above and below the knee.

Need a fund raiser for school?  TwirlyGirl can help! Also, you can sign and save (birthday club, exclusive offers and be the first to see new styles).

Twirly Girl is sold in select stores across the country and online.

To view the entire TwirlyGirl collection, shop here.

TwirlyGirl – the place for unique and beautiful kids dresses for parties. Bright vibrant colors, pastels, solids and patterns combine to make the perfect palette for your princess!

Twirly Girl is offering my readers a 10% discount (good until May 1st, 2014) by using the coupon code LibbyTG.  Place the code in the Coupon code box at checkout. (Discount does not apply to sale items, gift certificates of Design  your Own Dress Feature.)

Legal Mambo Jumbo:  I received a dress from Twirly Girl for the purpose of this review.  All opinions stated are 100% my own.

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  • Lady you are so blessed to have been able to review such a wonderful dress for your adorable grand baby. I bet she does live in that sweet dress! I have quite a few little princess grand babies. They would each want to live in one too! I can see this old Meme is gonna have to head over to Twirly girl and do a little early Christmas shopping! Thanks for the review lady! Have an A+ kinda weekend! :o)

  • I love the fact that the dresses are not only unique but come in a arrange of selections.My granddaughter loves to dress up,what little girl doesn’t.The only problem is getting her to take it off lol

  • They do have some beautiful dresses but they are a little expensive for me. Great review though. Grand daughter looks adorable.

  • How absolutely adorable! My niece might like a Twirly Girl dress!

  • They have some really cute stuff- thanks for the review!!

  • I love how it looks like it’s easy on, easy off! So cute and comfy!

  • I love that twirly girl dress, so adorable! I will definitely have to go order one for my 3 year old niece!

  • How adorable! It is truly hard to find a little girls dress that fits well, feels well, and holds up. These TwirlyGirl dresses seem to do the trick. We will be looking at purchasing one for my daughter’s next birthday. She is 7 and a total dress fanatic, one of her favorite parts being that she can twirl. Thanks for the share!

  • Wow! This dress is perfect for my little nieces birthday present!! I love the fun design! Thank you for the idea!!

  • Sounds great! Love how every dress is different!~

  • This is so sweet! I love the colours in the materials!! Great Design!! 🙂

  • Thanks for the review,they really have some beautiful items

  • Wow they sure have some beautiful dresses but a bit pricey for me.your granddaughter looks beautiful.

  • That is a cute dress. I like the name too.

  • Love that these are so unique! I’d never heard of this site, thanks!

  • I remember being about that age and adoring wearing dresses for just that reason! Ah, the stuff we lose as we grow up! So adorable, these are lovely and very unique for little girls. Thanks,

  • I had to smile because it brought back memories of my little twin girls, now 32. One of them would take her little Easter purse and swing it around because she felt so pretty in her fancy dress. These dresses are really cute! I have 2 grandsons that I love dearly but don’t yet have grand daughters. My son is the one with the boys. My preemie twins are having trouble conceiving.


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