Types of Driveways that Can Lead to your Home

If you are residing in a separate singular family villa or bungalow, there’s a good probability of you having a driveway. This, in turn, means that you also own the responsibility of its construction, upkeep, and maintenance. Along with incurring capital costs during the time of construction, driveways incur regular expenses to keep them in good order. Fortunately, the comprehensive outdoor solutions provided by professionals in the field of exterior management and landscaping can help you chalk the way forward fittingly. Here, we aim to discuss the different types of driveways that can add more value to your residential property.

Different Types of Driveways

Aggregate Driveways

Cost: In accordance with the layer count, material in use, drainage, and other features

Lifespan and usage period: Indefinite if periodically resurfaced

Maintenance levels required: Low to moderate

Gravel or aggregate is among the cheapest of all the driveway material options available for modern homes. It takes a short time for installation and lasts for ages with proper care. However, as an aggregate is vulnerable to erosion, you will require a good drainage system in place, maybe one with steep to moderate slopes, to increase the longevity of your driveway. Cody Lewis from Allen Outdoor Solutions (https://allenoutdoorstl.com) explains that while gravel driveways are a more affordable option, cement driveways will last longer and keep your cars from being constantly dusty. Relatively affordable and extremely durable, aggregate driveways require low maintenance and are environment-friendly.

Paving Stone Driveways

Cost (in sq. ft.): In accordance with the quality of material in use and other factors of consideration.

Lifespan and usage period: 30+ years as per weather conditions and usage

Maintenance levels required: Low

Paving stone driveways are expensive but the most attractive of the lot. They never fail to blend in well with your other design and landscaping materials. Once constructed, your driveways would fitfully complement the aesthetics of your driveway islands, xeriscapes, fountains, stone walkways, and other exterior elements. Professional equipment and construction processes are needed to prepare, layout, grade, and pave this kind of driveway; so, you need to plan your budget layout accordingly. The upside is that paved stone driveways possess a high aesthetic appeal and are very stable as well as long-lasting.

Asphalt Driveways

Lifespan and usage period: 10-20 years as per weather conditions and usage

Maintenance levels required: Moderate to High

If you are desirous of having a very functional, albeit a common type of driveway, then asphalt can be your material of choice. More affordable than both concrete and stone, asphalt driveways can be laid out with the help of professional pavers. If the region you live in is prone to harsh climates then you can expect relatively high-maintenance and periodic patching in line with the extent of usage. Asphalt is a solid and stable material with moderate levels of aesthetic appeal. The traction quotient of asphalt is much higher than that of stone.

Final Word

An attractive driveway adds volumes to the value of your home and raises its resale value. Get in touch with experts in driveway construction and maintenance to drive in with style, right away. If you are looking for a contractor, just visit this site  http://www.concreteprosbend.com

Types of Driveways that Can Lead to your Home

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  1. If you choose concrete for your driveway make sure that they are experienced in general and in your area. The process that the contractor uses can make or break the longevity of your concrete. In general taking shortcuts when you are finishing concrete never ends well and it is the customer that always has to deal with it in the long run.

  2. There is obviously many different options for materials to use when constructing a driveway. One other thing to consider is that concrete can replicate almost any surface and usually at a cheaper cost.

  3. As concrete professionals, we highly recommend installation on concrete driveways. Many opt to get asphalt, but we can attest that concrete is more effective money wise, as well as material wise. It lasts a lot longer than ashplat.

    -Lincoln Concrete

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