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The Ultimate Guide To Baby Gifts

Babies are a wonderful and magical gift to the world. It’s so exciting when someone close to you has a baby, you’re extremely happy for them, and you can’t wait to meet the little guy/girl. The only somewhat bad thing about babies is that they mean it’s time to buy some gifts. Normally, there’s a baby shower where you bring gifts for the mother to be. If you can’t attend, and you’re a close friend, then common courtesy dictates you visit at another time with a gift like a baby boy or baby girl gift hamper.

Either way, you can’t get out of gift buying, and it probably sounds rude to suggest that’s what I want to do. The truth is, I used to find it really hard to buy baby gifts. I couldn’t think of anything to get, and when I could, it was usually something the parents or baby already had. As such, I made it my mission to become an expert at buying baby gifts, and it caused me to come up with this guide.

Below, you will find a few points that represent different ideas for types of baby gifts. Within each point, you’ll also be greeted to a few recommendations or suggestions, and more about the author.

The Ultimate Guide To Baby Gifts

The Ultimate Guide To Baby Gifts Diaper Cake for a Baby Shower

Gifts For Now/Gifts For Later

The first thing I think about is whether I should get a gift for now or a gift for later. In any other scenario, this probably wouldn’t make sense. However, when we’re talking about baby gifts, it makes perfect sense.

You see, you have two choices; you get a baby gift that the child or parents can use right now, or you get one that’s good for the future. ‘Now’ gifts include things like clothes, diapers, and basically anything essential that the family might need. ‘Later’ gifts are things like bigger clothes they can wear when the baby gets bigger or toys they can play with when they age a little.

Deciding on what avenue to go down will determine the types of gift you look at. Will you be looking at things aimed at newborns or slightly older? Personally, I like the idea of buying gifts for later as it makes your gift more original. Everyone else is getting the same generic thing, while you’re doing something different. No one will admit this at their baby shower, but parents low-key hate getting baby clothes for their newborn. They know that their kid is going to grow pretty quickly, which makes all these tiny gifts fairly pointless. But, if you buy them something for the child to grow into, then you’ve helped them out in the future.

Personalized Gifts

You know I love personalized gifts, in fact, I love them so much I wrote a whole post dedicated to them not that long ago. They’re just ideal for any situation and can be very helpful when you’re buying a baby gift for someone.

The reason I think this is a great gift idea for a baby is because it enables you to make your gift more unique. Standard gift ideas become creative gift ideas when you add a personal touch to them. You could get a little baby grow that’s been personalized with the child’s name on it or their initials. How about a personalized baby bottle, or a little cushion that can go in their crib? You’ve got lots of options here, and they all make great gifts.

It’s possible to take this another way and buy a baby gift for the parents too. You could get them a special little photo frame to put a picture of their child with the baby’s name and date of birth engraved on the frame. This is a very sentimental idea, and I’m sure any mother or father would love it.

Baby Gifts For The Parents

Speaking of gifts for the parents, this is a whole idea you can consider. If you know the baby is receiving a lot of gifts, it doesn’t make sense to add another one to the pile. After all, it’s barely been alive for a month, it won’t remember your gift!

On the other hand, the parents are the ones that might need a gift more than most. You could get them things to help them with parenthood, particularly if this is their first baby. Useful items like a stroller or car seat will go a long way to helping them cope with their new life. You could also consider buying them things like, cutlery and kitchenware that’s suitable for babies, as well as childproof locks, etc.

Alternatively, you could go down the sentimental route as mentioned in the point above. Instead of getting them something practical, you might want to buy them a nice gift to remember the occasion.

The Ultimate Guide To Baby Gifts

How Much Should You Spend On Baby Gifts?

To end this guide, I’ll just answer a few common questions I found myself asking whenever I had to buy a baby gift. The first is to do with price, how high do you go, and how low do you dare? In truth, it depends on how close you are to the family. If your sibling is having a baby, then you should really look to get something quite big and expensive. Especially if you had a child and they got you something nice. That’s a good way to measure how much you should spend, see what they got you if you had a baby.

When Is The Best Time To Give The Gift?

Ideally, you give your gift at the baby shower. If there isn’t one, or you can’t make it, then you need to give it a bit of time. Don’t rush over as soon as the baby is born with a gift. Let the new family settle down first, then show up when they’ve been home for a week or two and are happy to take visitors.

Hopefully, all of these points can help you buy better baby gifts for your friends and family. There are plenty of ideas here, and you’ve even got a sense of how much to spend and when to give your gift to the family.

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Baby Gifts

  • I’m always in crisis when it’s time to buy gifts for newborn babies, I’m in doubt wheter the present has to be only practical or cute as well…
    I often buy bed time stories books, blankets or something to wear, they might be common but they are a safe bet.

  • Thanks for the tips. Since It’s been a while since I’ve had to give gifts except for my Grandchildren, it seems to be harder to choose what is good to buy. All of a sudden I’ve been invited to so many baby showers. I don’t want to get something that will be outgrown too soon or won’t be used. It seems like a confusing battle because I want to give something nice along with something useful. Diapers are always useful, then you have to decide if you need to give cloth or disposable. I always end up with cloth diapers and a handprint tower that goes up to 6 years. I make quilts and giving a quilt has always been automatic for me. I like the personalized gift idea. I guess I just want to give the perfect gift.

  • Thank you for the unique gift ideas! There were some very cute gifts here.


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