Libby Says

Vue Zone

I’ve just sat in on a webniar for 
and I’m SOLD!
VueZone is a camera system
that can easily be set up in 
your home in about 5 minutes!
Access those cameras
via your iPad, iPhone, Android,
Blackberry, and Computer.

These are battery operated cameras,
and you can have up to 15 cameras per system.
This is an “on demand” system for personal
or business use.
There is sharing ability, and library storage!

Please go HERE to check out this fabulous new system.  
I can’t wait to purchase a VueZone!
This is going to make me feel
so much safer, when I’m home alone.
My husband will be able to see what’s going
on in our home, if he in unable to reach me by phone.

If we are out together, I will be able to keep tabs
on my 4-legged, family members!

Again – you can go HERE to read all about VueZone!

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