Wedding Dresses on Mannequins in store window - Wedding Dress Trends for Spring 2020

One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is the selection of the wedding dress. The image of the bride in her gown will be remembered by the wedding party and guests forever, meaning there’s a major incentive to pick one that not only looks amazing but achieves a timeless look.

With that said, there’s no denying the influence of fashion trends on wedding gowns. There’s a reason the catalog of options available through A Dressy Occasion is always updating and changing. What was en vogue for brides ten, five, or even two years ago is not the same as it is today.

Kerina recently wore 9 wedding dresses as a collab in Singapore. There are IG pics, YT vid on it.

Here are the current wedding dress trends which are likely to be worn by women walking down the aisle in 2020:

Halter Style Dresses

This neckline is one of the most popular wedding gown styles for 2020. The look is sleek and refined with plentiful options to create an individual look that is far from boring. Halter necklines are often complemented with a deep plunging back.


For those unfamiliar with the term, Matelassé is a type of fabric that is inspired by French quilt designs. It has a unique, sophisticated appearance with designs woven into the fabric. Wedding gowns made with this fabric have been popping up as designers bring new inspiration to their spring lines.

Sheer Off-the-Shoulder Sleeves

Spring weather can be tricky. One can hope for lovely warm, but not hot, temperatures yet end up with it being a bit chillier. The compromise that is both practical and flattering on all arms is sheer sleeves that sit off of the shoulder. The neckline is romantic and shows off the beautiful curves of your collarbones making it top-ranked among popular wedding gown styles. The sheer sleeves offer a bit of warmth and individuality.

High in the Front, Low in the Back

Floor-length bridal gowns are the classic that never fails, but there is a trend that every bride would appreciate. Think about how lovely your shoes will be under the gown where nobody can see them. Designers have solved that problem by creating dresses that are shorter in the front just enough to show off those stunning heels, but traditionally long in the back to maintain the gown’s elegance.

Not White, But Better

This season there are two new colors making their way down the aisle and adding zest to any wedding. Ginger, which is a combination of champagne and blush, and shades of green are very in right now. The muted greens are accented on white gowns for that idyllic spring vibe while ginger gowns have that perfect way of flattering all skin tones.


The 70s vibe is totally in. Fringes, feathers, and bell-bottoms with blazers are all options for that dynamite bride. These designs offer plenty of visual appeal by adding touches to the hem, neckline, and sleeves. Even better, the feathers and fringes sway with movement creating a sultry swag when walking down that aisle and dancing at the reception.

Wedding dress selection has so many factors to consider for the bride, but the most important aspect is whether or not you feel magnificent wearing it. Nobody wants to look like every other bride on their special day. These cutting-edge spring dress trends are the perfect inspiration to find the gown that expresses your individuality. From nontraditional colors to halter necklines, these trendy designs make it easy to fall in love with the dress that you will wear while creating lasting memories and treasured photos.

Wedding Dress Trends for Spring 2020

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