What is Invisalign and why might I opt for Invisalign in Bedford?

Many individuals looking towards orthodontics may believe ‘Invisalign’ is the name of clear aligners, although Invisalign is actually one of the names of the clear aligner providers, and the biggest within the UK, serving a huge number of surgeries and practices. Invisalign in Bedford are a form of orthodontics (clear aligners) that aim to straighten teeth by moving them in a certain direction. Orthodontics work by aiming to reduce the imperfections in terms of teeth’s shape, length, and position within the mouth. An individual who is considering receiving Invisalign in Bedford may be looking towards a more discreet form of orthodontics, one which is dissimilar to the traditional metal braces. It is commonly thought of younger teens and adolescents receiving  traditional metal braces, however, Invisalign is suitable for most ages. Invisalign has risen in popularity within recent years due to their extremely attractive aesthetic qualities. Older individuals may feel as if obvious orthodontics can hinder their career prospects, and many young individuals who lack confidence may wish for a more subtle orthodontic alternative. Clear aligners can help improve dental hygiene, straight teeth means less room for build up of plaque and tartar, therefore improving the overall health of the mouth.

Why should I choose Invisalign over traditional braces?

Within recent orthodontics there are a multitude of options which may be suitable for clients who wish for a more discreet appearance. Lingual braces and white braces, as well as clear aligners, may be an option for certain patients. Clear aligners may be deemed as more desirable as they can be removed and may have to be worn for a shorter time period than traditional braces.

How do Invisalign work?

Invisilign - Invisalign in Bedford?

Invisalign (clear aligners) work by slowly adjusting the alignment of the teeth within the mouth. They are replaced every few weeks. Initially, your healthcare professional will take an X-ray, to ensure the aligners are the best option for you. An initial consultation will ensure you are fully aware of the way the aligners work, and how long they may take to straighten your teeth. Clear aligners will take a shorter period of time if the patient has had previous orthodontic work, which may be a reason for some patients receiving them at a later age. Aligners work in a similar way as retainers which are used to maintain a patient’s smile after receiving orthodontic treatment. Aligners slowly encourage the teeth to move in a predetermined direction, giving them a long lasting straight appearance.

Are clear aligners expensive?

Clear aligners are often thought of to be rather pricey, however most surgeries and practices will offer payment options. Orthodontics for individuals can seem extremely daunting, however breaking the financial sum down can ease patients’ worries. Your surgery may even offer a free consultation to discuss the treatment and finance options. Monthly installments may be made in order to avoid a large lump sum, this can make it easier for patients to undergo many forms of orthodontic treatment. The prices of clear aligners vary from different practices and surgeries.

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  • I had braces when I was a child. At 52, my teeth had turned again, and I had discomfort teeth were too close together. I started Invisalign about 6 months ago and the change has been amazing! My teeth have shifted and I have no pain. I was shocked by how well Invisaligns have worked.


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