Where It’s Always Sunny: 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

Prospective home buyers may find a beautiful property in Florida. The subtropical climate is appealing to hopeful residents and visitors, and thousands of individuals visit the area each year. When considering a move to Florida, it is vital for individuals to review the 10 pros and cons of living in Florida first.

  1. Mosquitoes Can Become A Nightmare

The subtropical climate in Florida is highly appealing to many that visit the state each year. However, it can become humid and hot in most areas of the state. Since a larger portion of the cities and towns are closer to the water, there is a higher-than-average insect population. Individuals moving to Florida will notice a sudden surge in mosquito populations, especially during the summer. This could become detrimental to their health and make it difficult to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Swat Mosquito Control Services offers comprehensive pest management options to reduce and eliminate mosquito populations around residential properties.

  1. It Doesn’t Snow In Florida

Florida is considered an island paradise since the winters aren’t harsh, and snow is not common in the state. Prospective residents that want to avoid colder winter weather will love living in Florida. They won’t have to remove ice from their windshields or have a service provider remove snow from around their property before going to work each day in the winter. The flip side to this is that it stays relatively warmer in Florida than other areas, and anyone that loves the sudden cool down in fall won’t get it in Florida. Most residents where t-shirts all year long, like those from laviva wholesale florida.

  1. There’s Always Something to Do

A great advantage to living in Florida is that it’s a great place for anyone who loves the outdoors and loves to participate in water sports. It is a tourist area and has plenty of entertainment options for locals and visitors. It is less likely that they will run out of things to do while living in the area. Most attractions are within walking distance of most cities and small towns.

Disney World Where It's Always Sunny: 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

  1. It’s a Tourist Area

Living in a tourist area has its disadvantages, too. During peak seasons, traffic will be horrible, and the probability of accidents increases. Larger crowds mean that locals won’t have that immediate access to the places they love to go because an infusion of tourists accumulates everywhere. The cost of some attractions increases because of the greater demand, too. It will take longer to travel throughout the state with a larger population of tourists and getting to the beach and enjoying it is not likely.

  1. Florida Doesn’t Require State Income Tax

Florida is one of the seven states in the US that do not impose state income taxes. This could be a bonus to taxpayers as it reduces their annual costs and prevents them from filing two returns each year. However, without state income taxes, the state relies more on federal taxes for state-wide programs, and this could lead to some limitations for programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, and welfare assistance. Reviewing the pros and cons of state income taxes shows hopeful residents what this could mean for them and their families.

  1. Housing Prices Aren’t Excessively High in All Areas

Homebuyers can review home prices in any area of Florida to find an area that is affordable for them. Florida is the home to many residents of all walks of life and income levels. It’s possible to find a home or fantastic condo rentals, in a beautiful area that isn’t too far from local attractions that aren’t expensive. However, the type of property could increase the price along with its close proximity to the beaches. Some amenities could drive up the cost of buying a home and make it out of reach for some buyers.

  1. Hurricanes Happen Often

Hurricane seasons in Florida are devastating and unpredictable. Hundreds of homeowners lose their homes each year to hurricanes and tropical storms. Properties that are closer to the coastline are at the greatest risk, and it is properties on the beach that are most appealing to buyers. When buying a home in Florida, the buyers must purchase additional flood and hurricane coverage along with homeowner’s insurance policies. For some individuals, this may place the dream of homeownership out of reach since the premiums are high. This is a major consideration for anyone that is contemplating a move to Florida.

Hurricane Where It's Always Sunny: 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

  1. The Cost of Living Is Lower in Rural Areas

Homebuyers may find less expensive real estate in rural areas of Florida. The cost of living in areas that aren’t a top contender for tourists could provide a more affordable opportunity for buyers or even apartment tenants. Reviewing the cost of living in metro areas and rural settings show that it is more affordable to live in suburban areas than inside the city. Individuals with a more modest income may choose the countryside over metro areas because of the cost of living savings.

  1. You Could Live On or Near the Beach

Individuals with less stringent incomes could move to the coastline or the beach. The properties offer private access to the beach and prevent non-property owners from entering the area. This is a major advantage for individuals that love the beach and want more privacy. Florida is filled with larger estates that offer extraordinary amenities for homeowners. Some planned communities such as condo communities provide several on-site amenities specifically for homeowners.

Seagrass on Beach Where It's Always Sunny: 10 Pros and Cons of Living in Florida

When reviewing properties, the buyers will want to look for properties that provide them with private amenities and exclusivity. Condo communities are also managed by a condo association, and this could prevent owners from facing higher costs for maintenance and restoration if the on-site services are damaged.

  1. The Wild and Marine Life is a Plus and a Minus

Florida is filled with beautiful wildlife and marine life that visitors love to see. Residents may see schools of vividly colored fish swimming in the ocean at any time, and they can go scuba diving or snorkeling throughout the year. However, in the glades, there are alligators that are quite vicious and attack without warning. In Florida, it is also possible for homeowners to encounter a gator in their front yard.

When swimming or taking part in water sports, the individuals must also pay attention to signs on the beaches. Jellyfish are not the only hindrance they may encounter on the beach. There are sharks in the water. On average, there are at least 20 individuals who are attacked by sharks each year in Florida and coastal areas.

Individuals considering a move to Florida must consider all the advantages and disadvantages that residents face each year. It is a beautiful area, and there are elegant homes throughout the state. However, hurricane season could prove costly for some homeowners. Mosquitos could become a major hindrance, and there are predatory animals that live throughout the region. Reviewing all the pros and cons helps individuals decide if Florida truly is their own island paradise.



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