Which Type Of Clothing Is Fire Resistant?

Fire Resistant Clothing, in turn, refers to the types of fabric used for the clothing that can be said to be fire-resisting. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most commonly used raw materials used for manufacturing fire-resistant clothing. Let’s have a glance:

  • Nomex:

This is mainly aramid fibers which are very tough and fire-resistant. It belongs to the class of Nylon. It is breathable yet quite effective in its action as well as comfortable to wear. This has found its need in the apparels of race car drivers. For there were a significant number of accidents happening due to fiery crashes in the field.

Nomex is also known for its flight suits and firefighters’ attires that have hoods. Not only do these clothing help them from fire and sparks but also works to save the user from intense heat.

  • Cotton:

Cotton is considered as the best FR fabric. But the trick with cotton is that when attire is made of 100% cotton, it is not fire-resistant. Everyone knows that cotton, on the one hand, is characterized by a high melting point yet, on the other hand, is also very easily combustible.

But when it is treated with FR polymers or mixed with Nylon, it gives out the fire-resisting property. Treated cotton has an array of clothing made out of it as displayed in the FR Outlet website.

  • Wool:

If we talk about natural fiber, the best of the best is wool. It is a material that doesn’t inflame itself very easily. Moreover, even in cases if it gets ignited, wool displays the property of extinguishing itself. The same goes for silk.

But still, these natural fibers are processed with chemicals in manufacturing industries, which means its properties are redone with a tighter weave so that the fire-resisting capability in them becomes more and more efficient and effective.

  • Kevlar:

This is another type of aramid fibers. It shares quite some connections with Nomex. But then there still are some distinguishable features. Bulletproof apparels have found this type of fabric useful.

It is unlike Nomex much thinner as well as light-weighted which helps in heat protection. This type of clothing can help you not only in extreme cases of heat and fire but also at the same time extreme instances of cold. These properties have made it to be chosen by people who do not want to carry extra luggage during their various travels.

  • PBI:

If one is focusing only on dresses of firefighters, then Polybenzimidazole or PBI material is the best one can opt for. There are several reasons why it has gained widespread popularity. Firstly, it has a high melting point which is why even under standard thermal exposure it doesn’t reach that temperature.

Secondly, it is also said to have a certain amount of moisture content which is a plus point for those workers exposed to direct heat and flame. Its golden fibers blend quite well with the other materials to produce a proper lightweight, durable FR apparel.

  • Modacrylic:

Modacrylic is a copolymer. There are various reasons for choosing Modacrylic over others. Except for the obvious fact that it has a fire-resisting capability, another reason is its increased resilience property. For this property makes it quite light and far more durable; also due to its power to take in much wear and tear and thus providing higher longevity, Modacrylic is opted for.

The material is not much shrinkable, and also it can very well withstand organic solvents along with chemical solutions. The material itself is very soft, which makes it comfortable to wear as well as you can entirely have a stylish appearance since it has the feature of being dyed.

  • Nylon:

One more excellent choice is Nylon due to its high melting points, resistance to thermal exposure, abrasion, wear and tear; it is considered as one of the best. Its structure with compact molecular strength gives it a good tensile power and also it doesn’t shrink much, making it the apt choice.

Among the others, we have Proban, Polyester, etc. There are also other fabrics, which help in the manufacturing of such clothing. But those listed above are the major ones. Hope, you find the article helpful.

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