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Why Has The Suave Nature Of Homes Disappeared?

Picture the Manhattan penthouse style, or the English manor house, or perhaps the Greek villa. What do you see? Let us describe it for you, without necessarily picking one of these out of the hat specifically. You can picture marble floors, limestone columns, a strong privacy fence around your front garden, a large driveway or garage and lots of ornaments that symbolize power, knowledge, life experience and artistic bravery. You can see fountains in the garden, with little naked babies with wings, playing the harp. You can see a breath-taking staircase that opens up the inside of the home like it’s bearing its heart to you. It’s what we call, the suave home. This kind of style is rarely seen these days and it’s a sad shame that more people don’t introduce it back into their own homes. Here’s how you could start this revolution.

Embrace its masculinity

The suave home is deeply rooted in the bachelor lifestyle. It’s all about the man and what he likes. You will see dark leather sofas, in the classic chesterfield style. The deep buttons and the buffed leather that crimps and plushies out of the crevices is there for a reason. Back in the 1900s, there was a need for sofas that wouldn’t crease the suits of the politicians, aristocrats and royalty. This started in London, where the majority of the world’s most famous men would go to get their bespoke tailored suits made. So embrace the masculinity of the Saxon chesterfield sofa and have it in a dark brooding grey, or in a more classic blood-red mahogany.

Placing large ornaments around the house, specifically in the corners would also be a brilliant and confident choice. Consider placing the statue of a Greek god in the corner of your living room. From Ares, Zeus or Posoiden, these statues of strong and wise men, will bring such a level of depth to your home.

Bespoke garden privacy

Every single suave home has one thing in common when it comes to the outside. It must have a unique fence, which gives you privacy and adds a kind of dominating presence to your property. Contact the best local fencing contractors and ask them to make you a completely bespoke fence in the style of your wishes. They can bend metal to your heart’s content. They also give you a 15-year warranty, guarantee that it’s custom made, top quality, a fast turnaround time from sketch, design, creation and installation.

But what kind of fence should you choose? Painted metal fences? Wooden fences or screen fences? We say that any suave home should stick to metal fencing. It’s the strongest, most imposing and yet, is the most discreet because you can paint it in dark colors. You want your home to be protected and provide privacy, but you don’t want to shout about it.

Red and gold

The colors of royalty, red and gold, should be used in combination round the home. But more specifically, they should be dominating your lounge area. The living room is separate in suave homes, but if you only have a living room that doubles as your lounge, then consider a coffee table with a golden rim. A glass coffee table, with an aluminium or stainless steel ring with a golden hue, would bring a level of sophistication and class, that no other kind of coffee table can.

Your dining room could also benefit from having a red and gold theme. The table should be a large wooden dining table, made from English oak, or Brazilian mahogany. Other good choices for wood are American cherry, Canadian walnut and Italian yew. All of these woods are great at absorbing varnish and wood oils, giving them a distinct shine and deep hue. The seats should be in red cushioning and golden metal trim. This is exactly what Buckingham Palace has. They are the colors of royalty for a reason.

Opulent Chandelier Why Has The Suave Nature Of Homes Disappeared?

Chandeliers all around

Why should the crystal chandelier be reserved for the foyer area? It doesn’t make any sense as most suave homes throughout history, have chosen to have chandeliers as their base lighting in any room. A small chandelier would do nicely, hanging down over your dining table. A medium-sized chandelier with no more than 4 to 5 lights should be dangling in your kitchen. However, for your living room or foyer, you should go all out for the blooming chandelier design. A beaded chandelier would do nicely for your bedroom, a sign of opulence for anyone who is lucky enough to share your most sacred room with you. This kind of lighting has to be done correctly. It shouldn’t be too bright because you want your guests to observe and admire your chandeliers. If they are too bright, they will have to look away because of being blinded. So, the intensity of the lighting is just as important as the style you choose.

The staircase experience

Going up your staircase should be an experience. No seriously, people should remember going up and down your staircase, and when they think back, regard it as one of the key points of what your home is all about. Along the walls, as guests rise through the home, they should be met with a number of wall paintings. They should exude all the things you care about. Whether it figures in politics you admire, iconic images of your country, musicians that you fell in love with, or wildlife that you think is beautiful beyond words. You don’t always have to pick artwork that is bright and vibrant to do this. It should be subtle and fitting the mood of the home overall.

A suave home is one of the finest styles of interior design you will ever hope to come across. From kings and queens to the rich, powerful and the talented, suave homes have been the staple of power, success, life experience and sheer brash style.

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  • Just stumbled across this article. I really like the concept of the masculine sofa. I think my home could do with something like this!


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