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Why Is Your Home Getting So Cold?

Some people love to invite fall into their home, to make things all comfy and cozy, and to enjoy the shelter from the changing elements outside. However, if you have been finding it harder to keep your home warm, then you’re not going to find much to enjoy about the later seasons of the year. If you simply can’t get warm, it’s time to take a look at the causes and eliminate them.

Why Is Your Home Getting So Cold?

The heating system isn’t covering the home

If you have your thermostat cranked up to full but you still feel cold spots in the home or you feel that it’s not reaching temperatures that you have enjoyed in the past, then that’s worth taking a look at. Work with a heating technician to make sure that your heating system reaches every room and, more importantly, have them give your heating system a health check to make sure that any problems are diagnosed and dealt with.

You’re losing heat through the roof

Heat rises, as anyone who remembers basic physics classes can tell you. With a good roof, the heat rises to the loft but has nowhere to go, so it stays inside the home, making it easier to heat the rest of it. However, even small roofing problems like missing tiles, cracks, or corrosion due to age can let the heat out, and you might need a roofing company to come and take care of it. It’s worth inspecting your roof at least once a year to make sure that it’s in good condition and there are no clear signs of problems that could lead to both cold infiltration and leaks.

You need more insulation

Even if your roof is in perfect condition, if you don’t have enough insulation, then you could be losing heat that way. Similarly, any homes that make use of drywall or any other kind of hollow wall material should have insulation to make sure that the walls can retain more heat. In many places, there is even state assistance you can get, such as grants, to help you insulate your home. See what help is available and, no matter what, get the insulation you need. If it gets particularly cold where you live, insulating the water pipes is important, too.

There are gaps you need to plug

Aside from the roof, there are a couple of points of the home that can be particularly susceptible to heat loss: the windows and the doors. Check for air gaps around these areas and make sure that you have the right equipment to stop them, such as weather strips for your doors and sealant for your windows. Placing draft excluders at the doors can help you be doubly sure that you’re not losing too much heat through the bottom gaps, as well.

No one should be feeling uncomfortably cold in a modern home. Insulation, a sealed exterior, and the right heating should make sure that you can stay comfortable and, more importantly, safe.

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  • We live in a older rental house. I know we lose heat through the windows.

  • Thanks for this post, my feet are freezing right now.


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