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Why It’s Time to Downsize

When you bought your home, it’s likely you planned to be there for a long time – and now it’s been thirty years and you’re looking at ways to save money. You might cut down your expenses and you might downsize your car, but have you considered downsizing your house? When you assess the things that are really important in life, you might see that downsizing is the best thing that you can do to move forward into your next chapter.

The thing is, you have to try and figure out the right time to do it. You have to simplify the entire process and that means making sure that you know where you’re going and where you move to next. Some people choose to go for an apartment after having a house and others choose to build an ADU and spend much less money on a mortgage and land. So, why is now the right time? Let’s take a look at all the reasons the time is right, right now.

Why It's Time to Downsize / Small high pitched roof cottage

Why It’s Time to Downsize

  • The timing is correct. When you downsize, you get given your time back. You won’t be maintaining and cleaning a giant house anymore, but instead you will be spending your time doing things that you enjoy. What matters the most to you? Do you want to give your home more time and attention? Is the timing correct right now because where you are in your life means that you are ready to take the next step? Either way, if the timing is right you are going to find building or buying another house a pleasant experience.
  • For your health. You might find that your health is much better when you downsize. You’re not breaking your back trying to fix or clean up a big, beautiful house anymore, but you are cleaning up a smaller and equally beautiful home. Downsizing could help to prevent sick days, as well because you are spending more time out doing things you enjoy rather than in your home. You’re also no longer worrying about the bills which can cause considerable stress. While you still have bills to pay, they are often not as high.
  • You get to be more creative. If you are building a du home, you get the chance to go out there and be much more creative. You become more creative with parenting problems, with household problems, and when you get to build and design your own home you can really allow your creative juices to flow.
  • There is so much less stress. When you are building a home, yes, it is stressful. However, moving into that smaller home means you are taking a lot of stress off your plate. Your rates for the government are not that high anymore, you won’t use as much water or electricity, and you are paying less land tax because your home is smaller. There are so many benefits to choosing to downsize now and not wait, and you’ll feel them right away.




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