Why Should You Use A Lawn Corer?

Lawn coring is also known by its name called aeration in which small cores are eradicated from the lawn having size of 10mm wide and 100m deep. Lawn coring has truly become quite simple and easy. The machine is indeed large and it requires to be guided over the surface of the lawn. It makes holes into the turf so that lawn grass can grow more healthily.

Have you been thinking the same thing? Why should you use a Corer?  The fact cannot be ignored that corer is quite beneficial for your lawn. Here, major benefits have been added such as:-

  • To introduce oxygen back

Yes, oxygen is quite important for your lawn grass. When coring is done, it brings oxygen back into the soil which plays a major role to ensure excellent health for lawn health. The fact cannot be ignored that coring is indeed a tricky and complicated process. It would be worthy to go with a scoring machine instead of doing it with a hand-style corer.

  • To remove a root thatch

To ensure excellent health of your lawn, it is quite important to ensure an excellent amount of root thatch right from the lawn which together with the extra oxygen and free oil space. Moreover, it is also known to allow the lawn to approach down further into the soil profile leading to a resilient, healthier as well as drought-tolerant lawn. You should keep in mind that your only core aerate is during the warmer month while the grass is growing actively. The ideal time to use lawn corer is when the soil remains hydrated but not overly water-saturated. Wet soil tends to lodge inside the tines.

  • To improve water flow

Yes, it leads to improved water flow through the soil. Coring makes it possible to alleviate waterlogging. Moreover, it leads towards a deeper root zone since more water and nutrients are said to be deeper in the soil. It means you would be having more growth of your lawn. Many shops are available out there to hire a coring machine. It is up to you if you are supposed to tackle the project on your own or want a contractor to do it.

  • To fix waterlogged related issues

Coring is quite helpful in the context of fixing issues such as compacted soils or waterlogged. It is also needed to be done to ensure ideal maintenance of your lawn. When your lawn’s health remains good, your grass grows so beautifully. Moreover, it also eradicates water and nutrient-related issues, especially during warm months. If you choose contractors instead of doing it on your own, they come up with heavier machines so that much deeper coring could be done to bring the best results.

The ideal time to do lawn coring is either in spring or early summer. Adding wetting agents and fertilizer can truly enhance the quality of your lawn. In autumn, coring goes quite healthier as it lets winter flow freely.



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