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Why You Should Never Put Drain Cleaner Down Your Sink

You’re washing your pots and pans in the kitchen sink when you realize that the water in the basin keeps climbing up. Your first instinct when you notice a stubborn clog is to head to the store and get a bottle of drain cleaner, but there are better solutions.

What causes these kinds of clogs?

When it comes to kitchen sinks, the culprits that create frustrating drain blocks are food-related. These items should be put into the compost, either directly from the plate or after being caught in the trusty sink trap.

If you really want to stop making this plumbing mistake, read this quick list of things you shouldn’t put down the drain of your kitchen sink to prevent any food from building up in the pipes or any frustrating clogs from ever happening again:

* Butter

* Margarine

* Cereal

* Flour

* Pasta

* Rice

* Coffee grounds

* Bones

What should you do?

If the water hasn’t budged, you should contact a local plumbing company to visit your house and assess your kitchen sink. They will be able to determine the exact location of the clog and what is the best tool to remove it. Getting a diagnosis on the clog problem will also help you realize what is causing the clog, so you don’t repeat this mistake. The fantastic company is available twenty-four hours a day all year round and they offer a number of other affordable plumbing services that you could use like drain repair, commercial kitchen maintenance and installations.

Other than putting food into the compost bin, you can prevent clogs from forming by pouring hot water down the drain. Whenever you boil your kettle for a cup of tea or pot of coffee, empty the remaining water into the sink. This is a simple, quick and useful bit of maintenance that you can do to avoid plumbing expenses.

Why shouldn’t you use store-bought drain cleaners?

There are plenty of reasons that you should go for natural solutions or professional intervention when you have a clog. The first is that chemical drain cleaners are not the safest tools to use in your kitchen sink — they often have toxic fumes that emit from the drain and cause worrisome health symptoms like eye irritation or a burning sensation in the throat.

Another potential problem that drain cleaners present is when one product doesn’t work, people will often buy another brand to try to unclog the drain and pour it down right after — this is dangerous because these are two household cleaning products to never mix together. Chemical ingredients can cause an instant reaction sending trapped water shooting out of the drain or making chlorine gas.

Even if you’re willing to risk these hazards with cleaners, they often don’t clear the pipes. In the end, a professional plumber is a lot more reliable than a bottle you can pick up at the store. They can determine the cause of the clog and fix it properly, without putting you in harm’s way or damaging your pipes.

Ensuring that your home plumbing system is in working order is incredibly important! Avoid unnecessary costs by maintaining your plumbing system before problems start. This is especially important for homes that use water softeners (check out some of the latest models on the market and homes with upgraded washers and dryers.

Take care of your plumbing system before the problems start, and you’ll end saving a lot more than money!

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  • Thank you for sharing! I clean houses for a living and I find this happens a lot! I try to tell them not to put certain foods in the sink drain, but every week, same problem. I will share this knowledge with them. Maybe it will help!

  • Thanks for the tips. I wasn’t aware of this and actually have been using cleaners down the sink. I won’t be doing this anymore

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