This Years Garden

Here are a few pics of this years garden.

I have herbs, tomatoes, several kinds of mint and lettuce on my patio. I just love the way the mint smells when I rub it between my fingers.  The same goes for the basil and rosemary.

Garden  Collage Patio
Patio Garden

I’m excited to see how well the different varieties of tomatoes do.  A new addition this year is a dark cherry tomato.  The middle photo above is actually called patio tomato.  In our raised beds, I have a sun loving hearty tomato, along with eggplant, zucchini, green bell peppers, 3 types of watermelon, cantaloup, pumpkin and carrots.

When I first start planting, everything seems so small, so I tend over plant.  This year I tried to control myself, but I may have gone overboard with the melons.  Maybe they should have been planted along the back fence to give them more room to spread.

Garden Collage Two
Raised bed garden.

Most of the plants were already established when we planted them, but the corn and some of the flowers were from seed.  Next year I want to really concentrate on using heirloom seeds for my vegetables and flowers.

Corn from seed.

The last few years have been so hot…most of our garden just couldn’t survive past June.  This year we started earlier, and we’ll have to see how things go.  I’m determined to have a bigger garden in the fall, and I would love to get some fruit trees.

We have one lone pea plant – I’ve never done peas before.  If I have luck with them, I’ll do more next year.



My dream is shade trees.  Big HUGE shade trees.  But my husband is dead set against it.  Because we have dealt with so many hurricanes over the years, he’s tree leery.  One year in Florida, we had three hurricanes hit pretty hard, over a 3 month period.  The first year we lived in this house, we had just a good spring storm come through and one of the Live Oak  trees in the middle of the cul-de-sac came down – right into our front yard.  The top of the tree landed less the a foot from our front door.  After that he said NO MORE BIG TREES.  Maybe I can put some Crepe Myrtles in the back.  Natchez Crepe Myrtles grow quite quickly, and that might be something that we can both agree on.

I’ve never had a green thumb, but I’ve always wanted to be a gardener. Lack of patience doesn’t help.  I’ve though about taking some gardening classes, somehow I just haven’t gotten around to it.  Oh to have a huge compost area, a large bed of cutting flowers.  More fruits and some fruit trees.  I should be living on a farm.  Chickens, a few ducks, goats and pigs (because I love pigs:-)…maybe a cow for milking.  NO BUTCHERING.  I’d have to become a vegetarian.

I would also like some much higher raised beds – I like the idea of no bending to weed! Something else I would like to try is a hanging garden. 

I would have never been able to do this by myself.  We had 5 missionaries, that are serving in our stake, come and help me prepare the beds.  Oh they worked so hard weeding the lawn, and cleaning out the beds. My daughter, Sarah, helped them, and she also did a lot of work filling the beds with soil, hauling much and planting both in the garden and in our front yard.

What about you?  Do you garden?  If so what type of garden do you have and do you have any gardening tips for me.  I’m especially interested in tips for gardening in the sweltering heat here in the south!



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4 thoughts on “This Years Garden

  • Your garden looks amazing! I can give you plenty of tips on how to kill plants. That seems to be my specialty.

  • I have lived here(in the south) 29 years but just started gardening on my own n the last 7. this year has been my best so far. I had tomatoes, egg plants, squash(these died) , beans(did a practice run), more squash(growing now) cucumbers,and some dill. last fall I put spinach in pots.That came up in spring ad lasted til May(it got too hot in late May). this is the first year Ive been home(nt working) so I had time and help to deal with my plantings. I admire your garden.I too want raised beds. hat did u use to build yours?

    • We got our raised bed from SAMs Club. All we had to do was slide the pieces together. Sounds like you’ve had a lot more success with your garden, than we did.

      • Ive been doing gardening here a long time and I still feel new at it. Mostly the tomatoes and cucumber did ok this year. I too plant way too much too close together. When the plant is so tiny its hard to think how much space it will take. Next April I am giving those tomatoes 5 ft. each! The squash get 6 ft. the cucumbers get a 6 by 8 ft. fence!Maybe then I will be able to get to em. Try zinnias and marigolds for flowers(so pretty ).hope to talk again soon.


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