Snorkeling is a relaxing and exciting activity many people enjoy while visiting the beach and tropical islands. Nearly anyone can participate in this underwater fun.

If you do not want to invest in the equipment needed for snorkeling, there are many places to rent what is needed for a successful swim. One item you may want to purchase is a wetsuit. This is like a swimsuit and a personal type clothing article. Read this blog for more information on choosing the correct wetsuit.

Besides the wetsuit, here are 5 steps to successfully snorkeling.

  1. Swimming

You must know how to swim. You don’t have to be an Olympic style swimmer, but you need to hold your own in the water. Most snorkeling happens in the shallow part of the ocean, but you’ll still need to know basic swimming in case you drift into deeper waters.

Basic swimming knowledge is better than knowing nothing about how to swim. If you are staying at a resort, many of them offer lessons in snorkeling and include basic swimming lessons.

  1. Buoyancy

You must maintain a certain amount of buoyancy while snorkeling to keep water out of the tubing. Holding your body steady is the key to staying afloat in the water while enjoying the view below.

Individuals who are unfamiliar with the ocean, sometimes panic where skilled swimmers would know what to do. It is best to familiarize yourself with the ocean a few times before undertaking this activity.

  1. Holding Your Breath

Having to hold your breath, at least for a few seconds, is the best skill you can possess when snorkeling. Although you should stay near the surface, there may be times when you dip below the top of the water.

Holding your breath is a useful skill not only for going underwater, but if there is a malfunction with your equipment, you will need to hold your breath until you can safely get out of the water or stand up.

Because this is a necessary skill, not all children can participate in snorkeling. Older children who are good swimmers, both above and below the water, can have fun with this water activity.

  1. Following Directions

It is important that you are able to follow directions while snorkeling. Even if you are finished with a lesson, and now snorkeling with a group of friends, you will need to listen and follow the leader’s instructions. This is to insure the safety of you and everyone you are swimming with.

Unfortunately, a guide cannot tell how the waves will be at any given point. This is another reason to listen to your guide or the person in charge. Always be mindful of your surroundings so you do not drift too far off shore or away from your group.

  1. Underwater Communication

Before heading to the beautiful blue waters, you should work out several communication signals for safety. Using simple hand gestures is best, but you will need to tell your partner or group what each means.

Following these five guides will help to make your first or your 50th snorkeling venture safe and fun. Always remember you are in the ocean, and there are fish and other creatures that live there, you do not. You are a guest in their home. Always be respectful of the animals and their habitat.




Your 5-Step Guide to Snorkeling Like a Pro

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