Hello my lovely people…I come bearing an invitation to my Origami Owl Jewelry Party.

If perchance you missed it, I’m giving away $300 in Origami Owl Jewelry—————–> HERE

Origami Owl Giveaway

But I’m also having an online party.  Shop in your PJ’s, no worries about being guilted into booking a party.  Just go join in the fun, and if you happen to need a few pieces for yourself or for your mom, aunt, grandmother, friend…I hope you’ll consider ordering from my party.  We are meeting up on Facebook.  Check in every now and then.  I think that there will be some games, and everyone who places an order will get their name thrown into a hat and one lucky person will get to chose a dangle.

Libby’s Online Origami Owl Facebook Jewelry Party

Origami Owl FB Party

Want to see some of the pretty things that I’ve gotten in the past?

OO Do Not Pet OO Large Lanyard with Bella Tocchi OO Laynard OO Over Your Heart

Anyway…I hope you’ll drop by.  Thanks a HOOT!


You’re Invited to my Origami Owl Jewelry Party

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