Here is another YouTube Tuesday –  LET IT GO!


For all of you who have been besieged by FROZEN, here are some fun clips. We all can use a good laugh now and then and I assure you that these will get you going.  I hope you enjoy these, and if you have any good (family friendly please) YouTube clips, feel free to leave the links in a comment.

From Disney – Absolutely Adorable. I would be thrilled with a sequel centered around Olaf and Sven! I love them both.  Gotta love cuddly and sweet.

Are you ready to LET IT GO? This dad is!

How many times have you heard this song? Even my 2 year old grand daughter knows all the words.  We spent several days last week, watching FROZEN. I think that adults had more fun watching the girls, than the movie itself!

For all you romantics out there – you will LOVE this one!

So, Let Love Open Your Doors and just Let It Go – Happy Tuesday everyone:-)

YouTube Tuesday – LET IT GO

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