Yum Yum, Your’e Done, when Yum Yum time is OVER!

Yum Yum Dishes are Portion Control Dishes and Bowls that are made of sturdy ceramic (dishes) and heavy duty plastic (snack cups)… with a not so subtle message that when the plate is empty, it’s time to stop eating.  They come in 4 bright and cheerful colors, and the bowls come with plastic lids.

I think that the 9″ plates should be called Blates, or maybe Powls because they have “sides”.

Look closely at the plate above.  Do you see the faint yellow dotted lines and writing?  These are portion guidelines for veggies, starches and protein.  Below is a recent dinner that I had.  You can see that the salad takes up the majority of the plate, with smaller starch and protein servings.

The little snack cup is just that – little. Using it has really brought home the realization, that my snacking has been over the top. If If I stick with only what fits in the snack cup, and DON’T go back for seconds, I can still have goodies, without over indulging!

  Yum Yum Dishes, are going to be the only dishes that I use, for a good long time to come.  I know that they will be one of the tools that will be of help to me, in the long weight loss/better health journey, that I have ahead of me!

Yum Yum Dishes = Fun Plates with a Serious Mission

*Disclaimer – I received a set of Yum Yum Dishes and a Yum Yum Snack Bowl, at no cost to me, for the purpose of this review.  The opinions expressed are 100% mine!

Yum Yum Dishes (Portion Control Plates) – Review

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