2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Travel Pets and More

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Welcome to the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Travel Pets and More

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Pets Travel and More

MyAir™ Filtration Mask & VinniBag® Versatile Travel Bag for Liquids & Fragile Items – by Ellessco

From traveling with liquids or breakables, to staying healthy and avoiding jet lag, products from Ellessco have you covered! Ellessco is a women-owned business and their products are reusable, recyclable, and made in the USA.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Pets Travel and More
My Air is an advanced filtration mask that supports hydration, and reduces jet lag, airborne pathogens, allergens & contaminants. The filter membranes reduce moisture loss by 88% (a leading cause of jet lag), and block 99.997% of viruses, bacteria, allergens & contaminants down to 0.1 microns. MyAir Comfort mask helps anyone look good and feel good – traveling, gardening, visiting a hospital or just slogging through cold & flu season.. There are 18 fashion forward fabrics to choose from, the mask is reusable & washable, and the replaceable filters are easy to use. They’re ultra comfortable, ultra lightweight, and ultra breathable. 
VinniBag® is a versatile travel accessory that suspends items in a liquid tight air cushion. Whether youre a frequent flyer, foodie, collector or extreme sports enthusiast, VinniBag is a great travel companion for anything that can break or leak in a suitcase, backpack, boat or car trunk.
From wine, olive oil, and gourmet treats to perfume, medications, camera lenses and collectibles, contents are isolated, immobilized and cushioned by the air chambers, and sealed with a specially designed closure. Also great for cell  phone and keys while boating or at the beach (it floats!) and wet swimsuits or soiled items.  The air chambers conform to the contents  even multiple small items, which are suspended independently without touching  and the inflation can be varied from none at all to full protection.
It only takes a minute to inflate and seal VinniBag. Toss it into a suitcase and youre ready to go. (VinniBag doubles as a great headrest, lumbar support and bath pillow too!) Engineered to withstand significant fluctuations in altitude and temperature, VinniBags meet or exceed all TSA & airline regulations.  Durable materials will last for many journeys.  Made in USA.
Stores flat, rolled or folded.

Available in stores & online.


Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2



When Gerrard adopted his dog Dada, he was terrified of thunder-storms.  Considering the fact that our pets have a sense of smell 60.000 – 100,000 times greater than our own, he quickly fixated on research on the application of aromatherapy to relax and de-stress.  This led him to develop his very fist product, the Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for Pet.  

68% of households own a pet! Our collection of aromatherapy pet grooming products is the “pawfect” luxury gift to freshen the home and to bring together pet and pet parent. 

The two most giftable items:

  • Aromatherapy Pet Spa Duo with full size aromatherapy freshening spray & shampoo.  A spray for on the go and a traditional shampoo for a full bath experience.
  • Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for Pets. Blanket your home in our bespoke scents and de-stress during this busy holiday season. 

Available for purchase on Amazon


THE AIRHOOK2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Pets Travel and More

The Airhook is a two-in-one solution for airplane travel comfort: a stable drink holder and a secure mount for an electronics device (cell phones to tablets 8.5 inches tall when horizontal) that attaches to the tray table in its locked position. Designed to elevate the level of convenience by allowing for maximum legroom, The Airhook uses the tray table in its vertical and locked position as an anchor, rather than horizontally across your lap as a platform. Passengers no longer need to sacrifice space with the folding down trays!

  • Support phones and tablets up to 8.5 inches tall
  • Larger tablets (up to 12.5 inches) can be supported horizontally only
  • Hold an airline cup or can/bottle up to 16 ounces
  • Adjustable angle for reclined seats and a better viewing posture
  • Great hands-free entertainment for children
  • Perfect for big and tall travelers
  • Collapsible for easy carry-on storage
  • Each Airhook comes individually packaged

Get yours HERE


On This Date In Music2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Pets Travel and More

On This Date In Music, by Michael Walter,  is a book with a daily story about a significant event that happened in the world of music on each date.  Stories range from Edison patenting the phonograph in the late 1800’s to Pharrell Williams’ incredible ten week run at #1 in 2014 with his uplifting song “Happy.”   Each story is told in approximately 800 words aimed at being concise and interesting.  This is the perfect compendium for any music lover and can be used as a reference book or for a daily dose of compelling tales of tunes we all love and bands we all follow.

Get a copy for yourself and the music lovers in your life HERE.


Decor to Door

Jazz up your regular take-out with this Chinese themed party in a box. Just add the fried rice and egg rolls! Your box includes: • 4 paper fans • 6 zodiac placemats • 10 feng shui coins • 4 adorable mini pandas • 1 mini faux bamboo plant • 6 lucky red envelopes • 1 8″ black paper lantern • 6 bamboo straws • 2 takeout boxes • 8 Chinese themed paper plates • 6 pairs of chopsticks


Décor to Door is on a mission to turn ordinary get-togethers into something a little more special. We help create a fun atmosphere so you have more time focusing on your family and friends.  We’ve scoured the globe for decorations that’ll wow you and your guests because we’re all busy living our best lives, and don’t have time for guesswork.

That’s how our service came to life. Like you, our founder Linda Soviravong wanted more for her get-togethers, but she didn’t always have the time to make it happen. Between work, getting the house clean, and figuring out what to feed her guests, there wasn’t always a chance to add more to make her friends feel extra special.  Now, with complete themed decorations just a click away, entertaining is more exciting, fun, and easier than ever before.

Some of the Holiday Themes: Top Left – Colorful Christmas, Top Right – Elf Holiday, Bottom Left – Football, Bottom Right – Zombie Not Shown: Fall Decor, Fiesta Party, Halloween, Movie Night, Nautical

When you sign up for Décor to Door, you have to the tools you need to take your gatherings to another level. No guessing. No shopping. Just easy, exceptional decorating for any day of the week.

Shop all themes HERE.


2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Pets Travel and More

Our Mission:
To create and sell a unique line of quality products for women that provide safety, fashion and convenience while offering excellent customer service.

How it all began:
The idea for Finders Key Purse came to owner and inventory Sandy Stein literally in a dream in which her deceased father showed her the design and told her to get out there and sell it! At the time Sandy was 52, a career flight attendant, and mother of a 10 year old boy. Her husband had been out of work and the airline industry was suffering due to 9/11. Using her natural sales ability and experience gained from selling lipstick (a side job), and her life savings, Sandy launched Finders Key Purse in December 2004.

Who we are:
Here at FindersKeyPurse.com, we are not a large corporation, but a family business. We are a tight-knit group of people and when you speak to any of our customer service representatives you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Friendly customer service is a must and negative attitudes are frowned upon. As you can see, at FindersKeyPurse.com we have high standards.

FindersKeyPurse.com is WBENC Certified!

Shop for yours HERE.

Torch Electrek – Toarch 2.0 Coat Heater

Whether you are breaking records, travelling beyond your limits or just trying to live in comfort you will need the latest in tech. The Torch Coat Heater uses advanced heating and smart battery technologies to bring you the ultimate comfort and heating experience. The patented Torch 2.0 Coat Heater is the second generation, portable, battery-operated heater designed to fit in the jacket of your choosing. Heat is activated with the touch of a button and 3 heat settings give you the control to take your comfort to the next level. Torch installs in your jacket in seconds and can be transferred from coat to coat, giving you the best bang for your buck and unlimited possibilities.

Torch Electrek sells battery powered heated clothing.  This year they launched 3 brand new products that are probably is exactly what you are looking for, especially with winter upon us!  Their heated clothing is battery operated and you can turn on the heat with the simple press of a button, with 3 effective heat settings to choose from.  Their flagship product is the Torch Coat heater- a battery powered heater designed to fit in the jacket of your choosing.  This is a great gift for anyone because it is style neutral, unisex and you can fit it inside any jacket you want- so a snowboarding jacket, a hunting jacket, a leather jacket, etc.  Plus- who doesn’t want a heater in their jacket!  Shop Torch Electrek HERE.

VocoPro PopUp Oke

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Page 2 Pets Travel and More
Let’s Get the Party Started!
  • New generation of wireless karaoke microphone
  • Innovative musical link(tm) technology can link two Pop-up Oke to perform duets
  • Innovative musical link(tm) technology can link two Pop-up Oke to perform duets
  • Seven color LED lights dance to the beat of the music with On / off switch
  • shock mounted professional condenser microphone to reduce handling noise
  • User replaceable lithium ion rechargeable battery type 18650

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