About Libby

About Libby


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About Libby

Wearer of many hats…wife, mother, and grandmother, daughter, friend, activist. Married to her knight in shining armor for over 45 wonderful years. They have 10 grown children, and 26 growing grandchildren. She is a partnered with Gabriel Guardian Angel (Lab/Wemaraner mix), who is her Medic Alert/Balance Assist, Service Dog, and is owned by 16 hens.

Libby is a middle aged (cough-cough), overweight (or under tall) reading, scrapbooking, photo taking, crafting, jewelry making, contest entering, blog hopping, tutu making, animal loving, survivor. Some of her many talents include being able to fold a fitted sheet, while blind folded, spending her children’s inheritance without guilt, making her grandchildren laugh, and being able to cook for a crowd of 300 or more, without a second thought…unfortunately, cooking for 2 isn’t working out so well.

Chronic illnesses, and a brain injury, make life a LOT more difficult interesting, but she is a survivor and so grateful for the chance to be able to watch her family continue to grow and flourish.  She has chosen Joy over Sorrow…an Attitude of Gratitude…and instead of living with a woe is me mentality, Libby tries to look at hardships, as a way to learn and grow. Unwavering support from her husband, her family, and her faith in God, make a very positive impact on her life. She and her family are active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

That Which Does Not Kill Us…Makes Us Stronger”




2 thoughts on “About Libby

  • You do what? I counted over ten hat you wear. I love your smile and the positive way you lead your life despite adversity. It is an inspiration to me. I had an auto accident almost 5 years ago and am still suffering the results of injuries. Sometimes I slip in to this woe is me mode. (Although I don’t complain to people) Thanks for sharing your Live, Love and Laugh philosophy.

  • Thanks for sharing love your blog


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