The Hidden Hovel That's A Great Hideaway! Upgrading Your Attic

The Hidden Hovel That’s A Great Hideaway! Upgrading Your Attic

While we have seen so many articles on the importance of curb appeal, and the importance of every room in your house looking fantastic when it comes to preparing your home for sale, or just increasing the value of your home, there’s always one room in the house which doesn’t get as much press, and that […]

Tabula Rasa: 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

Tabula Rasa: 3 Things To Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

So, the process is nearing completion. You’ve sold your existing house, found your new dream property, and you’re on the brink of getting the keys and making the move for good. It’s likely been a stressful time, but you can finally — finally — see the light beginning to appear at the end of the […]

8 Things That You Can Do with Your Ashes

For many years, there were few burial options after you had passed away. Recently, however, there have been many new and creative ideas that have become more popular for people after their deaths. From cremation diamonds to memorial trees to ashes into glass, there are now many new burial alternatives to consider. If you are […]

Show Someone They’re Special: Five Ways To Treat Your Loved One

We all have busy schedules, and it can be tricky to juggle work, a household, bills and other responsibilities with our social lives. But these are important, show the people in your life that they matter. When it comes down to it, the people in our lives are the most special thing so don’t take […]