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How To Help Your Child Develop Confidence

There are plenty of important elements that’ll contribute to a happy and fulfilling childhood. Actually, there are many that’ll contribute to a happy and fulfilling adulthood. One of the more frequently overlooked aspects is confidence. If a child is confident, then they’ll be more likely to grow and develop; if they’re not, then life can be a little difficult. It’s one of those things that is hard to quantify but which can have a massive impact on a person’s life.

The good news is that there are things you can do to nudge your child’s confidence levels in the right direction. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the best methods. Take them all on board, and it won’t be long before you see that you have a confident young girl or boy on your hands! 

How To Help Your Child Develop Confidence

Keep Things Predictable

Confidence comes from control. If you feel that you’re in control of a situation, then you’ll feel confident. Easy! Of course, the real test of confidence comes when you’re outside of your comfort zone, but that’s a matter for another day. When your child is little, you don’t need to test them. They’ll have the basis for confidence if they have a stable routine that’s more or less the same every day. This will allow him or her to play around, knowing that the basics are all in order.

Learning Their Way In The World

Your child will be more confident if they’re able to experience life in a way that they want to. For example, when they’re young, this will involve walking and talking correctly. It’ll be difficult to develop a lot of confidence without those two things! Thankfully, you can help with both. The first step is knowing what level they should be at and what level they could be at. With talking, this will involve looking up things like, ‘when is your child ready to learn vowels?’ and ‘when can children say full sentences?’ Walking is a process of repetition and practice. They’ll get there eventually! 

Doing Things On Their Own 

It’ll be difficult for your child to become independent if they’re, well, never acting independently. For instance, if you’re always by their side and doing stuff for them, then the time they spend doing things by themselves will be minimal. As with most things, becoming independent requires practice. You become better at it by simply doing it. So while you won’t be able to give them all the space they need, you’ll be able to give them some room to be their own person. One good trick is to let them do anything that they can do on their own. They won’t need you for it! This will get them used to the idea of doing things for themselves. 

Celebrate Effort

Your child shouldn’t tie their confidence to winning. Because there’ll be times when they don’t win, instead, praise them for their effort. If they have confidence that they’re doing the right thing, then they won’t be all that distraught! 

Let Them Help Out

We get good at something by doing. And when we’re good at something, we’re confident. So it’s important that your children are doing things whenever they can. If they want to help you to make dinner, then let them help out. It’ll slow things down, but dinner isn’t as important as teaching your children! Even if they don’t offer to help, you should give them chores on occasion. There’s a lot that a person can gain just by knowing that they’re needed by their family in one way or another. 

All the Love

Finally, let’s remember the number one ingredient for confidence: love! Actually, it’s the number one ingredient for most things. If your child knows that they have parents who love them and who will always be there for them, then they’ll have a solid foundation of confidence. It’s usually the people who don’t have this that have a bit more difficulty. Think about how much easier it is to navigate life knowing that you’ve got people behind you! It’s important to really let kids know this. Just because it’s obvious to you, it might not be obvious to them. 


And there we have it! Of course, even if you take all these tips on board, it’s still possible that your child would have a bit of difficulty with confidence. But so long as you always want the best for your son or daughter, then they’ll find their way eventually, even if it requires professional help. 


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