In a Hurry? 10 Gifts in A Pinch for Any Occasion

It seems that not a week goes by when there’s another occasion that has popped up. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, showers, the list of days to celebrate is nearly endless! You might start feeling like you’re on top of it all when – boom – another festive day is planned which requires a gift. What is a thoughtful gift giver to do?

For some it might make sense to stock up in advance and have a bounty of gifts at-the-ready to distribute when the next gift-giving occasion arises. Or, if that isn’t feasible, then having one or two “go to” gifts will help ease that ‘pain.’ That way, you’ll never miss an important occasion again, and you’ll never feel that all too familiar pressure of “what should I give?”

This curated list of thoughtful, useful and pleasing gift ideas will encourage you to pick no-fail gifts for numerous occasions.

  1. A Gorgeous Bouquet of Flowers – There aren’t many people on the Earth who don’t like a brilliant flower bouquet. Choose their favorite, or your favorite flowers, or just let the florist decide with the flowers that are in season at that time. Whether they are delivered because there are many miles that separate you, or the bouquet is hand delivered, flowers make everyone feel cared for and very special.
  2. A Fancy & Sophisticated Candle – Because they work well with any décor, candles make the ideal gift for any occasion. Choosing one that has some style built into it, will show the gift recipient that you put thought into the matter, and they will be proud to display and use it. Choose from scents which soothe or invigorate the senses and compliment the season such as lavender, vanilla or cinnamon, and for impact select a three-wick style. Clean burning and cruelty free candles are subtle, charming, and undeniably sophisticated.
  3. Gift Cards – With a wide range of availability for thousands of merchants all over the world, gift cards give the gift recipient power over what they want to choose for themselves. Plus, gift cards are conveniently available nearly at a moment’s notice and can be sent directly to the gift receiver’s phone or email. There are many categories available to choose from including pets, entertainment, retail, restaurants, travel, etc., making this gift truly foolproof!
  4. A Great Bottle of Wine – If you need a gift in a pinch or even if you’re stocking up for upcoming events, you can easily purchase great bottled wines for $40 and under. Look for wine sellers which offer vintages that have a 90+ and over listing, which means they are darned good. You can also ask a sommelier what wine would work best for your specific occasion.
  5. Kitchen Tools – It’s a safe bet that everyone could use at least some kitchen tool or another. They are, after all, always breaking, getting lost or worn out. Grab a half dozen well-constructed and designed kitchen tools like a silicone or stainless-steel spatula, big, slotted spoon, whisk, or cutting board, etc., and pack them in a unique and interesting gift box.
  6. Bread & Coffee – There really is nothing quite like a loaf of fresh baked bread. Head on over to the local bakery and choose from any number of crusty breads like Salty Bread, Sourdough Loaves, Sprouted Rye, Flax Beard or whatever tempts the palate! Pair it with a pouch of gourmet coffee, or organic coffee samplers and you’ve got one heavenly gift they will appreciate for the next several mornings.
  7. A Journal – Most people can’t get enough stationery in their lives. Purchase a thick, hard cover journal and pair it with a premium ballpoint or gel pen. If you’re feeling inspired, inscribe a loving sentiment on the inside left cover for an extra dash of thoughtfulness.
  8. A Piece of Pottery – Nowadays, there’s no need to search far and wide for a nice piece of pottery. Many upscale grocery stores, home improvement stores, and big box retailers sell charming pottery, making things easy when you’re seeking an impressive and unique gift. Choose from bowls, coffee mugs, vases, and platters.
  9. A Charitable Contribution – Is there a charity that is near and dear to their heart? Have they held fundraisers in the past for children’s hospital, feeding the hunger, cancer research or any number of animal right’s activist groups? Consider making a contribution to their favorite charitable  organization, or one you believe they would appreciate, for a heartfelt gift they’ll cherish.
  10. A Hearty Plant – Regardless of the season, you will always be able to find household plants at retail nurseries, farmers markets or big box stores. Choose from small dish plants, cactuses or leafy green plants like a philodendron or peace lily. If the gift recipient has pets, be sure to check the safety precautions before purchasing.

You’ve come down-to-the-wire and now you’ve got nearly no time at all to purchase something great? No need to worry, these timeless gifts are convenient, affordable, and always impressive

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