Themes for your next backyard BBQ Friends at a backyard BBQ

Top themes for your next backyard BBQ

Backyard barbeques are always a great way to unite your friends and family while enjoying a beverage along with some great food. Attaching a theme to your BBQ makes it all the more fun. Here are a few that might tickle your fancy next time you organize a backyard soiree.

Fourth of July

Independence Day is one of the most important holidays on the US calendar. This is when all things American really come out to play. BBQs are widely held all over the US with plenty of beer, food and fireworks for all to enjoy. Make sure the American flag is hung out the front of your house and even get some US themed face paint for the kids! Your yard should be a sea of red, white and blue. Get your family, friends and neighbors around for a wonderful time celebrating the independence of the country.

Beach BBQ

Grab yourself some deck chairs and beach umbrellas, maybe even add some sand to your BBQ area or put together a sandbox for the kids. You will need to have plenty of beach-related decorations around like seashells, starfish and beach balls. There is a wide variety of beach-related food you can put on the grill including fish, shrimp, scallops and skewers. You can even add a couple of delicious cocktails for your guests such as the popular Mai Tai and Pina Coladas. Beach themed music is a great way to set a relaxing ambience for your party and using a lot of blues, especially in your table cloths and napkins, also helps to set the tone.

A day at the races

There’s nothing quite like the real thing, but a BBQ themed on a glitzy and glamorous day at the races is a fun way for everyone to showcase their unique style in a comfortable setting. Your theme can be overarching or you can choose to base your BBQ around a certain race to add to the excitement of the day. Maybe the Kentucky Derby will be your main event or you could add in some Australian flair with certain races from their Spring Racing Carnival. Hand out Melbourne and Caulfield Cup tips to your guests on arrival and get a sweepstake going for the day to add to the excitement. Be sure to award prizes for exemplary creations in hats and fascinators, you could even include a runway for your guests to show off their glamorous outfits.

Mad hatters tea party

Take a page from Lewis Carroll and theme your next BBQ on the imaginative world of Alice in Wonderland. This is a theme that adults and children can all enjoy with no limits on creativity. Serve drinks in a mismatched collection of teacups and opt for plenty of finger food to go with your theme. Hats are, of course, the central focus of your theme. Encourage your guests to get into the spirit by creating their own unique hat designs, you can even have a hat-making station to keep the kids entertained, while the adults enjoy themselves too.

A themed BBQ is a great way to spice up your gatherings with family and friends. Get creative with your next BBQ and create a world of wonder for your guests. Be sure to snap plenty of photos of the day to turn these into memories that will last forever.

Top themes for your next backyard BBQ

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