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Welcome to the 2019 New Year New You Gift Guide Page

Throughout the year, we will be showcasing Products and Services to help you build a better year by building a better you.  Learn a new skill, or language, Go green or greener. Read more. Strengthen your family, Become more organized. Travel, lose weight, begin an exercise routine, find ways to relax… and MORE!

365 Days of Happiness…Because Happiness is a Piece of Cake, by Jacqueline Pirtle

2019 New Year New You Gift Guide Page

Do you have fun with your own life? How often do you really pay attention and choose things to improve your day? In 365 Days of Happiness, bestselling author, energy healer, and mindfulness teacher Jacqueline Pirtle has created daily inspirations that help you mindfully work towards living a more vivid experience of daily happiness. Showing that you can put in work to change your life while having fun, the practices are full of whimsy and delight. Jacqueline decided to spend every day of 2017 devoted to her own happiness. She wrote every single day about the things she does to honor her joy, and used these writings to create this 365 day step-by-step guide, so she could teach you how to shift to BE and live in a “high for life” frequency of happiness too—no matter where you are at in your life right now. She started writing these for herself, but has a little sneaky intent to touch your heart every day and initiate new learning, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom for you to get closer to your true, authentic happy self. Through light, bubbly, cheerful passages, each day teaches you to find happiness, use those sour lemons, and shift yourself into a “high for life” frequency where you can reach happiness anywhere at any time.


Jacqueline Pirtle a.k.a FreakyHealer has been leading life-changing workshops, talks, and private sessions since 2006. Her passion for “sprinkling happiness” and being “high for life” shines through in all of her work as an energy healer and mindfulness teacher. She was born in Switzerland, but has lived everywhere. She now makes her home in the United States with her wonderful husband, amazing kids, and sweet cats, and can often be found having a little chat with a falling leaf, or indulging in a cupcake at her favorite bakery.

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Get Your Pod on with Steripods

2019 New Year New You Gift Guide Page

Steripod’s patented “Active Vapors” help keep your toothbrush clean and fresh.

Let’s face it—bathrooms are gross. Which is pretty ironic since bathrooms are the place we all go to get clean. That’s why the cleanliness experts (okay, neat freaks) at Steripod invented our patented product line of bathroom essentials. We believe that clean can always be cleaner, and fresh can always be fresher. So when you use a Steripod product to protect your toothbrush, razor or tongue—you know you’re getting next-level clean.

2019 New Year New You Gift Guide Page

Steripod Toothbrush Protectors

When we found out that toothbrush bristles were 50% dirtier than toilet seats—we knew we had to step in. Our product experts invented a new kind of toothbrush protector—one infused with Thymol, a non-toxic active ingredient found in many mouthwashes. Our pods use active vapors to clean and refresh your toothbrush bristles like odor-fighting ninjas.

Steripod Razor Protectors

Dull blades are bad blades. They knick, cut and carry dirt. We invented a razor protector that fights dull blades with zinc—a mineral that sacrifices itself to corrosion to keep your blades nice and sharp.

Steripod Tongue Cleaner

Bad breath is just bad manners. And more than 90% of bad breath comes from an unclean tongue. That’s why we invented the Steripod Tongue Cleaner—an ergonomically designed tool to help you groom the bad breath out of your mouth with ease.

Keeping It Real Fresh

Steripod bathroom essentials are guaranteed to keep you fresh and clean for 90 days. But just like your toothbrush, they need to be swapped out for a new one once in a while. We recommend replacing your Steripod products every three months. Doing so is a breeze. You can find Steripod products online, at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart and other fine retailers.

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Color Draw Collage: Create Your Way to a Less Stressful Life, by Jill Howell

2019 New Year New You Gift Guide Page


Self-help, stress management, and coloring all come together to create an interactive and therapeutic journal. This book offers practical skills in a fun-to-follow format. Readers will enjoy creating relaxing pieces of art while learning the knowledge necessary to change their reaction to stress. While creating art, readers will be looking at situations in their life with a new approach. They will be creating tangible images to help clarify their thoughts and emotions.

Based on proven, practiced art therapy techniques, as well as the author’s experience working with stressed inpatients and outpatients dealing with various medical issues, Jill’s primary focus as a counselor is to help these people to learn how to help themselves by teaching practical coping skills to help change their lifestyle.

In the trend of adult coloring books, this goes above and beyond—all of the art therapy directives included in Color, Draw, Collage have been used by her patients in group or individual art therapy. The theories and suggestions discussed have been used in weekly lectures and individual discussions for years. Art therapy gets to the root of the problem much faster than verbal therapy alone. When people actually see their thoughts and feelings in front of them, on paper, it has a profound effect. The effect is lasting because there is an image present to remind them of the thought and the desire to change.


Jill Howell ATR-BC, LPC is a Board Certified, Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor. She earned an BFA in Illustration from The School of Visual Arts and an MA in Art Therapy from Marywood University. She has worked with a wide variety of patients at Pocono Medical Center and the Dale & Frances Hughes Cancer Center for the past ten years. Jill focuses on teaching her patients stress management tools that they can use to help themselves throughout their illness and to maintain healthy living. Ms. Howell lectures and conducts workshops about creative stress management to businesses and community organizations. She has a private practice at Pocono Psychiatric Associates in East Stroudsburg, PA.

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Put aside the distractions and take back dinner, with Togather™

2019 New Year New You Gift Guide Page

It’s simple. Choose a category, pass the book, grab a sticker. Everyone is involved. Everyone is heard. Everyone is important.

Togather™ will help your family slow down, focus, and be present with one another. Sometimes all you have are the small moments. Make them count.

2019 New Year New You Gift Guide Page

Have a tool for communication at home and have a tool to be able to continue the conversation at school with your child. Sometimes all you have are the small moments. Make them count.

Togather™ comes with 105 unique disposable stickers, with 7 different categories featuring fold-out sticker pages. Some of the categories include “Warm & Fuzzy,” “Home Inspection,” and “Family Discussion.” Stickers are designed to create open and fun conversation between parents, kids and siblings, no matter your age! (And all pages can be wiped quickly after a spill!)


You know that feeling when you know someone values you? Send that feeling to lunch with your child — as a note from you and as a conversation starter with friends at the lunch table. Make the small moments count.

Togather™ for Lunch includes 60 stickers to place in your child’s lunchbag, on a napkin or a snack bag, to continue the Togather™ conversation even when you’re apart.

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Skip the harsh chemicals and abrasives with SprinJene Natural® toothpaste!

SprinJene was developed by a PhD scientist with a long-standing career in oral care products. He believed the world deserved a better toothpaste. One that doesn’t use harsh chemicals or abrasives. One that cleans and whitens yet also protects your enamel. So he left his senior position at a Fortune 500 company to follow his dream and set out to create a premium, handcrafted toothpaste from scratch.

The result of years of vigorous scientific testing, optimizing and then testing again is a toothpaste that is highly effective yet gentle on your mouth. Keeping the commitment to our mission involves more than the pure, high quality materials we choose for our products. It reflects in everything we do: the extensive testing, the meticulous quality control, the many certifications, the recruitment of the SprinJene team. It’s who we are, and what we believe.



Every ingredient is thoughtfully selected for purity and quality. The final formulation is certified vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and halal. Simply put, SprinJene might just be the most meticulously handcrafted healthy toothpaste ever developed. We think that’s something to smile about.

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