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Ancient Secrets of the Bible – The Complete Series

God works in mysterious ways, but some of those mysteries are becoming clearer! Delve into the wonderful workings of providence and creation with Ancient Secrets of the Bible. This extraordinary 39 episode series will appeal equally to curious hearts and minds, putting the power of scientific and historical inquiry at the fingertips of the faithful.

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Footprints & Friends for Life 

Footprints is based on the true story of a man who finds the healing power of love only after he lost everything he had valued and given up, a story of a dog who learned to trust and serve only after she’d been abused and discarded as worthless, and a journey the two of them took that neither knew would bring them together, and heal them.

Friends for Life is a story that will touch your heart. Big city attorney Jim Crawford had won most of the battles in his life, but he couldn’t win the battle against his wife’s illness. Devastated and alone, he is left to face a lonely future. But suddenly, an unexpected twist of fate (or perhaps even an angel) leads Jim to discover four orphaned wolf pups who face certain death unless he takes them in.

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For Yuma Gold & Damned Hot Days of Fire

Fort Yuma Gold – After the end of the Civil War, the fanatic Southern Major Sanders continues to fight and plans to attack Fort Yuma, home to a gold reserve. A captured Confederate soldier, agrees to lead Union solders to stop Sanders but their real mission and the charms of the beautiful Connie Breastfull complicate the situation and could cause more bloodshed.

Damned Hot Day of Fire – The creator of the Gatling gun and his famous invention have been kidnapped and are being held from the Union for a million dollar ransom. Hoping they won’t fall into the hands of the Confederates, Captain Chris Tanner must find and stop the villianous Tarpas.

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Miracles & The Power of Faith

A Journey Into The Realm Of Inexplicable Experiences!

It has been both an ancient and spiritual question, and today a question of science: What are these miraculous events? … Where do they come from? … And what do they mean? … If miracles are real, are they divine intervention and what is the role of spirituality, religion and prayer?  This 4-part series explores and investigates the many answers to these questions through interviews with theologians, historians, experts, actual witnesses and visits to the locations where it is believed some of the most beautiful and profound miracles occurred.

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Roy Rogers – The Happy Trails Collection

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans take you on a trip down memory lane, as they host King of the Cowboys, an exclusive collection of the best Roy Roger’s movies, authorized by the Roy Rogers Estate. Each movie is introduced by Roy and Dale in a special feature, Happy Trails Theater, and are joined by a host of your favorite western stars, including Gene Autry, Iron Eyes Cody, Pat Brady, Ruth Terry, Roy “Dusty” Rogers Jr., Pat Butram and more! So saddle up with Roy, Dale, Trigger, Bullet and the rest of the gang for hours of wholesome, western family entertainment.

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Outlaws & Con Men

DJANGO SHOOTS FIRST  – Starring Glenn Saxson, Fernando Sancho, Evelyn Stewart. Django (Saxson) recovers his father’s dead body from a bounty hunter, whom he has dispatched, and instead of burying him, decides to collect the reward himself.

DJANGO’S CUT PRICE CORPSES  – Starring Jeff Cameron, John Desmont, Esmeralda Barros. The Cortez brothers rob a bank and flee beyond the Mexican border.

BAD MAN’S RIVER – Starring Lee Van Cleef, James Mason, Gina Lollobrigida. A Mexican revolutionary offers four marauding outlaws a million bucks to destroy an arsenal owned by the Mexican army.

STING OF THE WEST Jack Palance and Giancarlo Prete play a pair of frontier sharpsters who are trying to sell a supposedly worthless gold mine.

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Sarah thinks she is beyond redemption and unworthy of love and is sent away from the house that defined her horrors to a place where she is not the only victim, or the only one fighting to get her life back, a ranch called Unbridled. At Unbridled, Sarah meets Dreamer, a horse who has also suffered abuse, a horse who no longer trusts humans… That is, until he meets his girl, Sarah. Together, Sarah and Dreamer walk a difficult road and learn that family doesn’t just happen, it’s made with hard work. They face many hardships and overcome terrifying obstacles, but in the end, Sarah experiences redemption and learns that love is the most powerful thing on earth. Together, they all learn to live Unbridled.

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If You’re Gone

When high school senior Brad Lee disappears the night of his graduation ceremony, his girlfriend is forced to question everything she thought she knew about him and their relationship, as well as her own faith, in hopes of finding him.

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Guard Dog

Nine year-old Chance Watson is lying, cheating, stealing, and flunking out of school. Then, one night, a wonderful, magical sheepdog appears and promises to make his dreams come true, if he can follow “The Rules.” Soon, with the help of his talking, sometimes invisible dog, Chance has changed his life and the lives of many of the students at his school. But there are those who are out to stop him and prove his furry friend is not real, but only a figment his imagination! Even Chance begins to wonder: is he crazy?

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To Be A Soldier

When the sister of a mild-mannered British salesman goes missing in the Middle East, he recruits a troubled ex-Army ranger to help him rescue her. As they trek through a desolate, war-torn wilderness, they battle murderous terrorists, inhospitable elements, and their own dark human natures.

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The Last Appeal

The Last Appeal is a powerful faith based drama set in the world of death row where prisoners face insurmountable legal battles, family struggles and mortality.  Titus Freeman enters this daunting world determined to work the legal system to escape his sentence but discovers a new life beyond the grave.  Outside of this world is Titus’ victim’s wife Trisha who works the legal system to enforce his execution.  Her ambition covers a darker secret that only her late husband knew about.  It is not until this life altering secret is exposed that Trisha can escape a prison of her own.

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Damages – The Complete Series – Blu-ray & DVD

For five extraordinary seasons, DAMAGES, the critically acclaimed legal thriller broke all the rules and made its own. Film legend Glenn Close won two Emmys® for her stunning portrayal of relentless litigator Patty Hewes, who commands the courtroom and the screen, doing battle with ambitious protégée – turned-adversary Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) in cutting-edge cases with devastating consequences both professional and personal.

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**DVD available as well.

Astro Boy – The Complete Series

Blast off with ASTRO BOY, a state-of-the-art update of Osamu’s Tezuka classic series that started the anime explosion. Filled with exciting action, humor and drama, ASTRO BOY tells the story of a young robot boy modeled after the son of a research scientist. This atomic-powered robot becomes a reluctant superhero who fights for justice and peace – for humans and robots alike!

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Metropolis & Memories – Anime 2pk

Based on the classic comic created by revered manga artist and animator Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy), written by anime legend Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira) and directed by Rintaro (Galaxy Express 999), Metropolis is a spectacular film featuring stunning imagery and unforgettable characters.

Memories consists of three dazzling stories, each delivered with its own astonishing style. Magnetic Rose, directed by Koji Morimoto (Animatrix) based on a manga short by Otomo, concerns two space travelers following a distress signal drawn into a magnificent world created by one woman’s memories. Otamo’s own Cannon Fodder depicts a day in the life of a city whose entire purpose is the firing of cannons at an unknown enemy.





Taste of Japan’s Sci-Fi, Superhero and Animated Favorites!

This pop-culture sampler platter offers a unique assortment of classic and contemporary Japanese moves and TV shows, packaged together in one must-have collection!

Films:  The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon, Battle in Outer Space, Mothra, Memories
TV Shows:  Godzilla (4 eps), Astro Boy (4 eps), Viper’s Creed (4 eps)

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The Rundown – BD+DVD

Beck (The Rock) is a bounty hunter sent into the treacherous jungles of the Amazon to bring the rebellious Travis (Seann William Scott) back to the States. When Beck and Travis reluctantly join forces to hunt down a priceless treasure, this unlikely team embarks on a pulse-pounding, non-stop thrill ride.

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January 2019 Releases



Dogs on the Job – 7 Part Documentary Series + Digital

Millcreek Entertainment

A dog’s purpose can extended beyond a companionship role as man’s best friend to a functional one that comes with great purpose and responsibility.  This fascinating documentary series explores the history, training and duties of working dogs and the integral role they serve to assist mankind.

This series follows the dogs through 7 episodes; 1. Wolves Become Dogs 2. Dogs Move Into the Stage and Stadium 3. Herding and Mushing 4. The Nose Will Get the Job Done 5. Police and Military 6. Dogs Helping People Live Normal Lives 7. Protection and Companion.

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WWII – The War That Shook The World Collection + Digital

From Hitler’s invasion of Polish territory to the day in which Emperor Hirohito “had to accept the unacceptable”, all is encompassed in this immense documentary collection.

The Finest Hours of WWII takes viewers to the front lines of the European, the Pacific and the African theatres of the deadliest conflict in human history.

Combat Aircrafts is a compelling documentary series follows the history of the aerial assault vehicle from the creation of the aero plane to its militarization during World War I and the Russian Revolution. This groundbreaking 5-part series is a complete historical overview from 1900 to 1945.

Waves of Freedom is a captivating adventure documentary that recounts a post-war story of U.S. volunteer sailors recruited to break the British naval blockade of Palestine.

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Secret Stories of Hitler – DVD + Digital

From Academy Award Winning Producer David Puttnam (Chariots of Fire, Midnight Express, The Killing Fields) comes the most controversial documentary (that was BANNED at the Cannes Film Festival) about Hitler ever made, SWASTIKA.

Utilizing intimate color home movie footage shot by Eva Braun, SWASTIKA presents the private life of a dictator, going on picnics and joking with friends. Director Philippe. It is one of the most fearsome anti-Nazi films ever made. As the opening credits state, ”If Hitler is dehumanized and shown only as a devil, any future Hitler may not be recognized, simply because he is a human being.‘’

Additional documentary series include:
Hitler: Anecdotes, Myths and Lies (aka Hitler: The Untold Story)
U-Boats: Hitler’s Sharks

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Trail of Tears Collection – DVD + Digital

This harrowing and compelling compilation of award-winning documentary programs chronicles the struggles of the Native American culture from the forced relocation known as the Trail of Tears to the current issues faced by America’s aboriginal people.





Plus An Additional 32 Documentary Programs!

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Laurel and Hardy Collection + Digital


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Robin Hood Origins – 5 Film Collection

The Bandit of Sherwood Forest – (1946) – Color – Not Rated – 1 Hour 26 Minutes
The Black Arrow – (1948) – B&W – Not Rated – 1 Hour 16 Minutes
The Prince of Thieves – (1948) – Color – Not Rated – 1 Hour 12 Minutes
Rogues of Sherwood Forest – (1950) – Color – Not Rated – 1 Hour 19 Minutes
Sword of Sherwood Forest – (1960) – Color – Not Rated – 1 Hour 20 Minutes

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The Karate Kid Pr 3 & The Next Karate Kid – Double Feature – BD

It’s a karate combo as the 3rd and 4th installments of the successfully Karate Kid franchise are paired together in one nostalgic Blu-ray collection!

Karate Kid III – Daniel (Ralph Macchio) and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) take up where they left off, returning from Okinawa and hoping for a peaceful life in their bonsai shop. But their serenity is shattered when Daniel is blackmailed into competing against the vicious “Bad Boy of Karate,” Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan).

The Next Karate Kid – Mr. Miyagi is back and he takes a new pupil under his wing, troubled teenager Julie Pierce (Oscar®-winner Hillary Swank) who learns to control the grief and anger from the loss of her parents with the discipline of karate.

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December 2018 Releases

A Beautiful Planet – 4K UHD + BD + Digital


Narrated by Academy Award® winner Jennifer Lawrence, A Beautiful Planet is a breathtaking portrait of Earth from space, providing a unique perspective and increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before.

Made in cooperation with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the film features stunning footage of our magnificent blue planet – and the effects humanity has had on it over time – captured by the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS).  From space, Earth blazes at night with the electric intensity of human expansion – a direct visualization of our changing world.  But it is within our power to protect the planet.  As we continue to explore and gain knowledge of our galaxy, we also develop a deeper connection to the place we all call home.

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Journey to the South Pacific – 4K UHD + BD + Digital


Narrated by Academy Award® winner Cate Blanchett, Journey to the South Pacific will take moviegoers on a breathtaking IMAX® adventure to the lush tropical islands of remote West Papua, where life flourishes above and below the sea.

Join Jawi, a young island boy as he takes us on a journey of discovery to this magical place where we encounter whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, and other iconic creatures of the sea.  Home to more than 2000 species of sea life, this exotic locale features the most diverse marine ecosystem on Earth.  An uplifting story of hope and celebration, Journey to the South Pacific highlights the importance of living in balance with the ocean planet we all call home.

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Shield, The – The Complete Series – Blu-ray Collector’s Edition


All 7 Seasons, 88 Episodes of the groundbreaking, Emmy®-winning series!

Controversial, compelling and critically acclaimed, THE SHIELD, reinvented the police genre and gave us one of the greatest antiheros in television history.  Vic Mackey, a corrupt cop, runs his elite Strike Team under his own set of rules, brining conflict to the streets of Lost Angeles and within his precinct.  Experience “one of the best police dramas” (Gillian Flynn, Entertainment Weekly), newly remastered in 4K and now available for the first time on Blu-ray!


2018 Cast Reunion with Creator Shawn Ryan

Writers Panel from the ATX Festival featuring Shawn Ryan, Kurt Sutter, Glen Mazzara, Scott Rosenbaum and Charles Eglee

“Beyond The Badge” Retrospective

Also featuring bonus features from previous releases including:

Over 10 Hours of Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

Cast & Crew Commentary on Select Episodes

Deleted Scenes

English Language Subtitles

Check out this unforgettable clip:  https://youtu.be/nuH7XxrNHVY