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5 Tips To Maintain The Exterior Of Your Home

The house proud among us will want the outside looking just as beautiful as the inside. When you come back from work after a long day, a dull and drab exterior won’t leave you feeling too cheerful at all. As the weather changes you’ll want to give a few exterior maintenance issues some attention. It’s also a good idea to give everything a spruce to brighten up those cold winter days.

Here are 5 those 5 tips for maintaining the exterior of your home.

Revamp with a paint job

In the wintertime, everything seems to look more grey. Many of our plants die off, and all the colors seem to appear duller due to a lack of sunshine. Now’s the time to revamp your walls and fences with a nice lick of paint. Paint will help to protect your walls and fences from weather damage, plus make everything look nice and brand new. If you’re feeling brave maybe go for a bright fence color (green is pretty in this season)! 

Scrub your fences and garage

You should give your fences and garage a good scrub before the winter really hits. They’ll be harder to clean when it gets colder, and you won’t want any dirt and grime freezing to the surfaces. You’ll end up with stains that are impossible to get off, plus maybe some damages to the wood. Once you’ve cleaned the outside of your fences and garages, you can assess if a paint job is in order. If you haven’t got a garage, why not invest in a carport? These are much easier to put up (plus cheaper) than a garage. Try a-frame carports to protect your car from the elements and keep you dry when you’re accessing your vehicle. 

Invest in new plants

Plenty of your plants will have died off so ensure that you get rid of the debris. If you leave rotting plants around you could end up with them attracting pests and fungi that wreak havoc in your garden! Believe it or not, there are some flowers you can arrange in pots outside which can survive the wintertime. Try a bit of heather, winter-flowering cherry or snowdrops for a beautiful color boost. Sometimes all you need are a few winter flowers to brighten up your day. 

Check your gutters and roof

You’ll want to clear your gutters of all debris, so you don’t end up with blockages or damage. Take a good look over your roof to ensure that there aren’t any shingles that need replacing. If you find any shingles that are curling or cracked, this is a sign that you’ll need to get a professional to come and make some repairs. The last thing you want in the wintertime is any problems with your roof! While you’re at it clean, grit and de-ice your driveway for protection from those icy temperatures to come.

Holiday lights 

It’s not long until the holidays now, for some well-deserved time off work to relax. Pretty soon it’ll be acceptable to put up those holiday lights! Some cute fairy lights can be an excellent addition to the exterior of your home to make everything look sparkling. Just remember to keep it eco-friendly and don’t go too overboard! With all your winter home jobs out of the way, you can sit back and chill with a glass of mulled wine.



5 Tips To Maintain The Exterior Of Your Home

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