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A Guide To Giving Your Home An Eclectic Touch

Giving your home an eclectic touch can be a lot of fun…

…but maybe you’re worried about getting it wrong, or making your decor look like a hot mess. This guide will help to steer you in the right direction so you can show off your eclectic home with pride! 

Paint Your Door A Bright Color

You can start by simply painting your door a bright hue. You could try bright blue, pink, or pretty much any color you feel suits you and your home. Would you like people to feel happy before they enter, or relaxed? Looking into the various moods of colors could help you to select the right one. 

Brick Wall with Teal Door

Show Off Souvenirs From Your Vacations 

An easy way to add an eclectic touch is to show off souvenirs from your vacations. Although you don’t want to add too much clutter/visual clutter to your space, this is a great way to remind yourself of where you’ve been and some of your best memories. 

Add Plants 

Plants should always be included in an eclectic decor. They add beautiful texture and color. Include plants both small and large, and don’t be afraid to have multiple plants in one room. Just ensure they will like the environment you’re going to put them in – some plants will thrive better in humid environments, like the bathroom. 


Get Professional Help 

There’s nothing wrong with getting professional help if you want to make sure the finished result lives up to your expectations. You could look at a company that specializes in custom homes if you’d like to add some interesting architectural elements, for example. 

Add A Patterned Feature Wall 

Pick a room and include a feature wall. A feature wall should be put on a blank wall with no distractions. You can then use patterned paper or even just color to create it. However, patterns are highly recommended for an eclectic home. If you’d rather take things a step further, why not create your own feature floor? Paint your floor an interesting color and add a hand painted pattern if you’re artsy. 

Include Artwork 

Artwork is also a great addition to an eclectic home. You could incorporate one big piece, or lots of small pieces and create a gallery wall. The work doesn’t need to be expensive – you could use prints, for instance. You could even rip pictures out of magazines and frame them, or commission work from a local artist. 

Wall Art - Giving Your Home An Eclectic Touch


Don’t Forget To Add Bundles Of Texture

Texture is key in any eclectic decor. Add rugs, throws, cushions, and other interesting textures into the mix. This stops your home from looking boring in a flash and can make it super cosy. You can even layer textures! 

Don’t Buy Matching Furniture 

Matching furniture is just lazy. There’s no need for it! Furniture can look great if you simply choose one unifying thing, such as style or color. Mixing up your furniture will be a lot more fun and give your home that eclectic vibe with barely any effort at all. 

How will you give your home an eclectic touch? Leave any of your own tips below! 

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