Are You Wearing Braces for the First Time? How to Take Proper Care of Them

When you are wearing braces for the first time, it can be tricky learning how to deal with them, whether you have clear braces, traditional braces, or any other kind of braces. Without a doubt, it can be a challenge, but you can quickly get used to it especially if you are careful and have been taught what to do. Living with braces need not be too difficult, and all you have to do is think how beautiful your smile will be in the end, which makes it all worth it.

So are you wearing braces for the first time? Here’s how to take proper care of them.

* Pay attention to the technique

There is a particular way of brushing your teeth when you have braces, and while it may take time to get attuned to it, when you perfect the technique, it’s all easy going from there, as the orthodontists from Ashburn VA’s American Braces Smile Center will tell you. First of all, choose a soft-headed toothbrush. If you prefer using an electric one, you can do so as well. You can begin brushing your teeth’s gum line while holding the brush at an angle of 45 degrees pointing at your gums. When you have cleaned your mouth’s gum line, you can then keep the brush at an angle pointing downwards so you can clean your bracket’s tops, and then hold the brush at an angle pointing upwards so you can clean your bracket’s bottoms. And remember this as well: although brushing twice a day is the accepted practice, when you wear braces, experts recommend brushing your teeth every time you have a meal.

* Floss, floss, and floss

Flossing may be a bit of a challenge when you are wearing braces, but it can be done. With flossing, you can avoid the buildup of plaque, and you can remove any minute

food particles stuck in between your teeth. If it’s too much of a challenge to floss using tape, you can make use of threaders which are specially-made for braces. One more tip about flossing: do it gently. Try not to put too much pressure or do it too quickly, because this could end up damaging your braces.

* Stay away from tricky foods

Everyone who has ever had braces will also tell you to stay away from tricky foods. And by tricky foods, we mean anything which is sticky, chewy, hard, or crunchy. And if you have the habit of chewing your nails, try to avoid this as much as you can, too. The same is true if you have the habit of chewing on the ends of your pens or pencils. Should you face any difficulty cleaning your braces, you can make your teeth feel good with teeth cleaning north eastham.

Other foods you should avoid include foods that are too sugary, and this also goes for sugary beverages. These foods and drinks can result in stains and may lead to decay as well. The stains could easily become permanent and will be more apparent when your braces are finally removed, resulting in a less than perfect smile!

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One thought on “Are You Wearing Braces for the First Time? How to Take Proper Care of Them

  • My 16 year old needs braces now that her wisdom teeth are coming in and have messed things up. She is going to hate getting rid of the tricky foods since one she loves, peanut butter, is on the list. We still have not decided what type of braces we are going to use though, whether traditional or Invisalign type so it will be interesting to see the same things are prohibited with both.


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