Blog Bash 2011 – 2nd Giveaway – Tropical Traditions Spa Set


Giveaways on 150 blogs, each valued at $100 OR MORE!
 Readers will be able to hop from blog to blog 
and enter each give-away during the 5 days of the event.
 Visit the host blog, Family Approve
and be sure to check the bottom of the post
for all the participating blogs! 
2nd Giveaway – Tropical Traditions Spa Set.

I love the products that I’ve received from Tropical Traditions!
Here’s what I got in my last shipment:

Skin Exfoliator
Massage Oil
 Moisturizing Cream

Hair Oil (Lavender)
Liquid Soap (Lavender)
Coconut Soap (Lavender)
 Believe me when I say that I cannot find enough
great words to describe how much I love everything!
The smell is heavenly.
When my box first arrived, I opened it up to 
check everything out, and then I placed them
in a big tub, where I keep products that I've received 
for review.  A few days later, when I opened up the tub...
everything in there smelled like fresh lavendar.
That cake of soap above, just infused the tub with
the most wonderful fragrance.
I almost hated to open it up and use it!
(I'll be purchasing several bars, to keep in my
dresser drawers.)
The Skin Exfoliator works wonders without
causing any harshness to the skin...just
left me with a "healthy glow".
My husband thinks that the Massage Oil is the best;-) 
We've used up almost
the entire bottle and are debating
if we are going to order more in lavendar
of try some of the other scents!

OK My DARLINGS - You May Open Your Eyes Again
The Moisturizing Cream is luscious,
and the Hair Oil doesn't leave your hair oily
at all, just really soft and shiny.
The Liquid Hand Soap is mild, yet works well.
I cannot wait to try some more Tropical Traditions Products!
Head on over to Tropical Traditions 
Free Recipe Website HERE. 
At this website you will see the many different ways 
coconut can be used in

 Disclaimer: Tropical Traditions provided me with a free 
sample of this product to review, 
and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose.  
Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or 
sponsor a product giveaway in return for the free product.

These are the members of Blog Bash 2011.
Go down the list and enter each amazing giveaway from June 22-June 26!

1.  Family Approve   62.  The Lucky Ladybug  
2.  Blogelina   63.  Money $aving Michelle  
3.  Mommy and Me Giveaways   64.  Freebies and Cheapies  
4.  Random Thoughs   65.  Becoming Brea  
5.  Sea of Savings   66.  Musings of a Modern Mom  
6.  Being Tazim   67.  Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy  
7.  Love you Always and Forever   68.  Randomosity  
8.  Mommys Moments   69.  Christian Clippers  
9.  Maxwell’s Mommy   70.  A little of this A little of that  
10.  Around my Family Table   71.  2 Against 1  
11.  This lil Piglet   72.  Celebrating Family  
12.  Darcy & Brian’s Tales from the Nursery   73.  Diary of a Stay at Home Mom  
13.  Kelly’s Lucky You   74.  Free and Frugal Mommy of One  
14.  Icefairy’s Treasure Chest   75.  Real Dad Reviews  
15.  Still blonde after all these years   76.  Someday I’ll Learn  
16.  ABC
D Diaries
77.  Books R Us  
17.  Libby’s Library   78.  Whispered Thoughts  
18.  Sweet Treats And Good Eats   79.  Measuring Flower  
19.  SusieQTpies Scraps of Life   80.  Matter of Cents  
20.  The Freebie Junkie   81.  iNeed a Playdate  
21.  Rowell Reviews   82.  Aprils Lifestyle Show  
22.  Growing a Baby Reviews   83.  Accidentally Angela  
23.  Mommies with Cents   84.  Mom Fuse  
24.  Keenly Kristen   85.  Little Boys are Made of Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails  
25.  Makobi Scribe   86.  Mommy Digger  
26.  DebsHere   87.  Cheap Therapy  
27.  My Fitness World   88.  funkylindsay!  
28.  Staying Me   89.  Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense  
29.  The Centsational Saver   90.  Little Bitty Things  
30.  Jamie’s Precious Peas   91.  Giveaways with Grace  
31.  Photog Junke   92.  Savey Spender  
32.  Mommy of 1 and Counting   93.  My Little Me  
33.  Children Teaching Mama   94.  Nellies Little Life  
34.  Jyla’s Three of Us Giveaway   95.  Sweet Phenomena  
35.  A Gal Needs…   96.  Fitness Health and Food  
36.  Rockin’ Deals   97.  Nicki’s Cloth Diaper Reviews  
37.  The Reynolds Mom   98.  A Delicious Obsession  
38.  Energizer Bunny’s Mommy Reports   99.  Martha’s Digital Creations  
39.  Ourfamilyworld   100.  Brag All About It  
40.  The Spaghetti Westerner   101.  Real Housewife of Singapore  
41.  Life With My Littles   102.  The Adventures of J-Man and MillerBug  
42.  MomVantage   103.  Shining2Save  
43.  Sunshine and Sippy Cups   104.  ohmygoshbeck!  
44.  Family and Life in Las Vegas   105.  Just Married with Coupons  
45.  Cuzinlogic   106.  Kerrific Online  
46.  Heavenly Savings   107.  Six in the Nest  
47.  Susan Heim on Parenting   108.  The Pet Lady’s Blog  
48.  Aubut Family   109.  Becca’s Backyard  
49.  Sarahs Blog of Fun   110.  Fashion In The Forest  
50.  Roof Beam Reader   111.  Runway Couture  
51.  Simply Stacie   112.  My Saving Game  
52.  Beads by Roni   113.  Night Owls Perch  
53.  The Tween and Me   114.  Dallas Single Mom  
54.  Mom Always Finds out   115.  Lemondrops Dream too  
55.  Momsreview4you   116.  Karina’s Challenge  
56.  Belly Charms-The Blog   117.  Dinosaurs and Dandelions  
57.  Real Mom Reviews   118.  Yippie Momma  
58.  Trend Setting Mom   119.  Practical Frugality  
59.  Ruby for Women   120.  Cake Pop Fusion  
60.  Marvelous Mommy   121.  Snack Bar Reviews  
61.  Crazy About My Baybah   122.  A Little or This A Little or That  

Blog Bash 2011 – 2nd Giveaway – Tropical Traditions Spa Set

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  1. Happy 2nd birthday. Time sure flies when you're having fun.

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  2. Thanks for the Giveaway!

    To Libby's Library a Happy 2nd Birthday!

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