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CAPTURE (Digital Photograpy Essentials) – Review

From the Publisher:

In film-based photographic education, strong programs and writings have placed great emphasis on making a negative. But to get to the negative, good exposure is required. The beginning of the photographic process significantly affects the final outcome of an image—a fact that has not changed with digital photography.
Capture: Digital Photography Essentials concentrates on photography from a digital-capture workflow point of view. The text addresses both the opportunities and limitations of digital photography, and how to work with those opportunities and around the limitations. Authors Glenn Rand, Chris Broughton, and Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler discuss the digital tools that allow photographers to capture, create, and maintain high-quality digital photographs. Readers will learn to maximize the potential of their images through an understanding of the core principles and more advanced aspects of the digital photographic process.
Various projects that are based on tested teaching concepts for digital photography can be found throughout the text, as well as numerous images that are both inspirational and instructional.

Topics include:
• Digital Cameras
• Sensors and Lenses
• Basic Exposure
• Digital Exposure
• Digital Capture Workflow
• Image Files
• Parametric Editing
• Digital Zone System
• Hybrid Imaging
• Capture Technology
Table of Contents:

Part 1: Basics
Chapter 1: Capture Devices
Chapter 2: Sensors
Chapter 3: Lenses
Chapter 4: Exposure Basics
Part 2: Working Digitally
Chapter 5: Exposure for Digital Photography
Chapter 6: Digital Capture Workflow
Chapter 7: Saving Captured Images
Chapter 8: Image Editing and Corrections
Chapter 9: Asset Management
Part 3: Beyond
Chapter 10: Beyond Exposure 1: Digital Zone
Chapter 11: Beyond Exposure 2: HDRI
Chapter 12: Beyond Exposure 3: Hybrid Digital Photography
Chapter 13: How Digital Images are Created
Index of Photographers
Another publication by rockynook, that I really looked forward to receiving.
I think that maybe I need to be reviewing books geared toward
the complete and total idiot, because these productions have me totally stumped.  
My husband seemed to think that this was a straight forward basic,
and easy to understand “manual”.  Since he has very little photography
experience, I must admit that the fault lies totally with me.
I would certainly recommend this to budding photoghraphers,
who are a little more technically savvy than me.


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