Cast Iron Baths Offer Elegance for Your Bathroom

Trends, whether they are in fashion, technology, or home come and go. One moment a trend is in and the second you turn your head a new one has emerged and the old trend has become obsolete. Following trends can get expensive, which is why it is important to invest in classic pieces like clothing and furniture, although it cannot be said about gadgets, which need to be updated from time to time to keep up with developments. When it comes to home décor and furnishings, buying classic and elegant pieces that will not get outdated but will still complement the look of the room is recommended. This goes for bathtubs. A cast iron bathtub offers an elegant and old-world sophisticated touch to a bathroom.

Cast Iron Baths Offer Elegance for Your Bathroom

A cast iron bath is timeless and classic, especially the claw-footed ones. The bronze accessories – the claw feet and the taps and pipes make for a sophisticated look in the bathroom. Even those that are not claw-footed have a timeless elegance that can withstand time.

Claw-footed baths will provide a stark contrast to a modern bathroom. The bronze furnishings on the tub are a great accent to an otherwise plain bathroom. There is nothing more relaxing and soothing than taking a hot bath in a bathroom that looks like it came from a magazine.

Colour Options
Bath colours can vary, and you can choose the best one that suits your preference and the look of the bathroom. But you can always pick out a color that will provide a stark contrast to the room, like a bright coloured bath to give off that funky vibe.

Refinish/Repaint Options
You can also opt to repaint or refinish your cast iron bath to make it look brand new again, and also to protect the enamel coating from chipping off. This will further prolong the life of your bath, as well as allow you to change the look of your bathroom with a different colored bath.

Although you can benefit a lot from having a cast iron bathtub, there are also some cons that you have to take into consideration. For one, it is fairly heavy; it can be as heavy as 500 pounds. This being said, your bathroom floor should be able to withstand that amount of weight plus the weight of the water and the person in the bath. Concrete floors are the best option if you are putting your bath on the second floor of your home. A strong wooden floor is also suitable, but it may need reinforcements to ensure that it will not collapse under the bath’s weight. If you are not sure if your second-floor bathroom floor will hold its weight, it is best to have it installed in the first-floor bathroom.

Cast Iron Baths Offer Elegance for Your Bathroom

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