Couple being handing keys - Considering Moving? 5 Reasons to Up Sticks and Leave

Considering moving to a completely new place?

Doing so can be incredibly valuable for lots of reasons- here are a few to consider. 

A better house

One of the reasons you might be considering moving somewhere new is to get a better house. If you currently live in or around a big city for example, you’ll find you’re able to get much more for your money if you go a little further out. In some cases you can get double (or more!) the house size for what you’d pay in your current location. If you’ve been in your current home since childhood and it no longer fits your needs, or maybe you got it as an inheritance, consider putting it on the market and finding something that’s better for you. 

A chance to experience new things

Moving to a new place can push you out of your comfort zone, and encourage you to experience more and make the most out of your life. If you move abroad for example then you’re surrounded by new culture, food, people and lifestyle. If you’re in a bit of a rut and want to make a huge change in your life, moving to a new place either in the country where you live or abroad could be a great place to start. 

An opportunity to be independent

Maybe you’re at the beginning of adulthood and want to find your footing in the world, or perhaps you’ve just broken up with a partner and want to stand on your own two feet again? Moving away forces you to be independent, when you don’t have loved ones right on your doorstep then you learn to do more for yourself. It’s not to say you need to be lonely or alone, instead it’s taking control of your situation and rolling with the punches. 

A way to improve your career

If you live out in the sticks then your career opportunities might be limited. Moving to bigger cities generally provides more job opportunities or the chance to advance your career that you simply wouldn’t get if you stay put. If you get given the chance to transfer somewhere else to improve your career or score a great job that’s a little further from home then moving is something you’ll need to consider. 

A better life for your family

Finally, if you live in an area that’s full of traffic and pollution, rife with crime and in an area that seems to be getting worse, it might not be the best place to raise your family. Moving away could give you a home in a nicer place, more space and closer to better schools. It’s definitely a reason to consider upping sticks. 


Considering Moving? 5 Reasons to Up Sticks and Leave

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