“In 1968, Country Bob Edson perfected the sauce of his dreams.
After years of giving the sauce to friends and family, 
he began to sell it in 1977. 
the reaction was overwhelming, just as it is today. 
People who try Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce become lifelong users.
And why not, it is the perfect complement to practically any meal set on your table.”

 I received a couple of bottles of 
in the mail about a week ago, and
we tried it last night,  for the first time.
I’m been an A1 lover for eons now,
and I’ll be darned, 
It’s nice and tangy, but not too strong.
My son made a pork tenderloin – on the grill.
He marinated it in Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce,
olive oil, and apple juice.
It was wonderful!
Melt in your mouth goodness,
with extra Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce
served on the side.

Today, I chopped up the leftover pork,
for sandwiches for dinner.
I mixed together some bbq sauce
with a good whallop
of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce.
Delish – I’ve been “taste testing” it for the
past hour…and hope there is still some left in the pot
when my men get home:-)
In addition, and this may not be a big deal to anybody else,
but I really appreciate the fact,
that it comes in a plastic bottle.
I’m all thumbs and drop stuff all the time,
so plastic is a safer option for me!

Head on over to
Country Bob’s 
and look over their website.
Lots of fantastic recipes, Country Bob’s products
and while you’re there, sign up for the monthly newsletter.

(Hint Hint…Check out the upper right hand
side when you get to the site.
Sssssssssssshhhh this will be our little secret:-)

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce – Review

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